iNfinity Series Bin Surround with Flat Cover

88801 (120LT) & 88811 (240LT)

The flat cover Infinity series bin surround is ideal indoors or undercover and optimises the opening while guiding rubbish directly into the wheelie bin. The flat cover is mirror polished stainless steel making it resilient and easy to clean. Utilising an ingenious sub frame design, this bin is both extremely strong but also offers a huge variety of customisable options to tailor the perfect solution.

Read how to specify Infinity series bin surrounds here.

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*Patent no 2018900173.

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Curved Canopy for 888
Curved Frogmouth Cover
Domed Cover
Flat Cover
Folded Canopy

  • 120LT Dimensions L 566 x W 565 x H 1024 mm
  • 240LT Dimensions L 841 x W 665 x H 1148 mm
  • Opening Options for Cover Frogmouth, Round, Rosette, Letterbox
  • Frame Material 50x25mm RHS
  • Panel Material 2.0mm Thick
  • Base Material 3.0mm Thick
  • Batten Material 65mm x 19mm
  • Cover Material 2.0-3.0mm Thick
  • Cover Style Canopy 888
    Folded Canopy
  • Cover Material 304 Stainless
    316 Stainless
    Powder Coated
  • Bin Size 120 LT
    140 LT
    240 LT
    80 LT
  • Frame Options Brush Finish 304 Stainless
    Brush Finish 316 Stainless
    Powder Coated
  • Panel Material 304 Stainless
    316 Stainless
    Powder Coated
  • Side Panel Material 304 Stainless
    316 Stainless
    Composite Battens
    Hardwood Battens
    Powder Coated
    Timber-Look Aluminium Battens
    Weathering Steel
  • Lock System Cam Lock
    Magnet Latch
    Slam Lock


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