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Draffin design and manufacture public place furniture and waste collection infrastructure for government, education and commercial customers across Australia and Asia.

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Although we have one of the most comprehensive ranges of proprietary products in the industry, we love to share our experience and expertise with our customers to work together on custom solutions.

Operating for 65 years, Draffin has forged a name that stands for quality, service and integrity.

To this day Draffin Street Furniture is a family business, wholly Australian owned.  With a team of over 40 employees, all our products are manufactured in Melbourne, Australia, using materials sourced from local suppliers.


In an extremely tough industry, Draffin have remained in business for over 65 years where many others have failed. This is due to our customer service and integrity. We believe in quality, and stand by what we do.

We never walk away from a challenge and getting the job done right is our Number 1 priority.

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01. 65 Years Experience
60 Years

Established 65 years ago, like our products Draffin has stood the test of time. Draffin is a 3rd generation family business, with no intention of stopping. The key to this longevity has been our unwavering commitment to our core values of honesty, integrity and pride in our work. Our number one priority is to never let a customer down, and because of this our customers know that they can rely on us completely. We will not rest until we exceed your expectations every time. This is a commitment that we make to every customer, big or small.


We have a commitment to ensuring our products and services offer the best value to our customers. We believe that good value is not making your product as cheaply as possible. Instead we strive to understand our customer’s needs and provide an offer that will meet those needs in the most economical way. We achieve this by:

  • Clever design
  • Investing in skilled staff and modern technology to gain efficiency
  • Leveraging our buying power to get the highest quality materials at the best price.

This enables us to provide the best value for money, without ever compromising the quality of what we deliver to you.


You need to know that when you invest in a project, what you get will be fit for purpose and last the test of time in the harshest conditions. We have been operating for over 65 years, and our customers know that when they use our products, they can be confident in the durability and support we offer. We achieve this by never compromising on our standards, and investing in skilled staff, quality materials and modern equipment. We have a comprehensive quality management system to ensure we do not let you down. On the rare occasions that a customer has problems with our products, we never rest until the problem is solved.


We understand that every one of our customer’s is different, and has different needs. The most critical aspect to ensuring our customers success is understanding these needs, and being flexible enough to be able to meet them. Our business revolves around this ethos. Before we start any work for a customer, we undergo a process to fully understand your requirements, aims and priorities. When we have reached this understanding, we can tailor our products and services to specifically meet these needs. If your need’s change, we will change to meet them.

Customer Service

Almost every business in the world claims to offer great service, so does it mean anything? Our definition of customer service is not just someone answering a phone politely, or sending you a thankyou card. We believe that customer service is part of every process in our business, not just sales. Every member of our team, from the accounts department to the forklift drivers, from welders to designers are trained to ask the question “what best serves our customer” and change to achieve it. We believe this is real customer service.

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