Infinity Series bin enclosure

The 888 Series is a premium addition to Draffin Street Furniture’s wheelie bin surround range. Designed for streetscapes, parks, universities and public spaces, iNfinity’s bin enclosure with ingenious sub frame design provides a durable and versatile solution for waste disposal in public places.


How to design your own iNfinity Series

Designing your own iNfinity allows you to create contemporary or traditional bin surrounds to suit your project. Experiment with different  materials, covers, perforated patterns and high quality finishes to find the right aesthetic and functional fit.

Its never been so easy to create a stylish bin enclosure. Design your own fully customised iNfinity Series bin surround in 5 simple steps:


120l and 240l bin


Step 1. Choose the size

The iNfinity Series is available in two size options. Choose an iNfinity to suit 120L or 240L capacity.


Infinity series frame


Step 2. Choose the frame

The iNfinity’s tubular sub frame comes in brush finish stainless steel, or powder coated mild steel. Explore Draffin’s extensive range of powder coat colours.


Step 3. Choose a cover

The iNfinity Series has a variety of cover choices to suit all applications. Separation at the source is simple. Select from Draffin’s range of waste and recyclable openings, laser cut motifs and custom powder coat colours.

Infinity Series cover selection

Step 4. Panels and Patterns

From sustainably sourced Australian timber, to stainless or powder coated mild steel. Your choice of materials can make the iNfinity Series a stand out feature, or blend into any space. Pick from our standard range of perforated patterns, or customise panels using laser cut designs and logos specific to your project.

Infinity Series Panels


Infinity Bin Surrounds, Other OptionsStep 5. Optional extras

Enhance your bin surround to suit your specific project by applying custom stickers or vinyl wrapping. The iNfinity can also be retrofitted with an ashtray module, dog waste bag dispenser and are fill level sensor compatible.


An overview of the iNfinity Series

Designed for public spaces, the iNfinity Series quality features and finishes makes this one robust, low maintenance and vandalism resistant bin surround.

1. Unique Integral Chassis Design – at the core of every iNfinity bin surround is a tubular steel chassis. Unlike other designs, this tubular chassis is extremely rigid – even before being fixed to the ground. This makes the iNfinity one of the strongest bin surrounds on the market.

2. Door Panel Re-enforcement – the door panel incorporates a number of structural channels, ensuring the door can withstand the harsh treatment urban bin surrounds encounter over their lifetime.

3. Integrated Base Tray – a 3mm thick steel base ensures that all waste stays inside the bin. The base also allows wheelie bins to be emptied and stowed without a struggle.

4. Adjustable feet – constructed from solid brass and high strength ABS, the adjustable feet allow the bin to be levelled on site prior to fixing down. Once the bin is levelled, a masonry fixing simply inserts straight through the feet into the concrete for easy installation.

5. Magnet and Cam Lock – to meet your requirements, select from either magnet latch, tri key operated cam latch – or both.

6. Door Tab – a convenient stainless steel door tab makes opening and closing simple for the operator.

7. Heavy duty hardware –   heavy duty full stainless steel hinges and hardware ensure a long operational life.

8. Optional Integrated Ashtray – large capacity internal receptacle and easy to access entry point makes butt disposal simple and reduces the risk of bin fires.

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Draffin Street Furniture’s iNfinity Series is a modern and cost-effective waste collection solution for your next outdoor project. For more information, contact our friendly sales team.



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