The 888 Series Bin Surround

All Powdercoated Bin surround

The 888 Series Bin Surround, also known as the “Infinity Series” is an all original design from Draffin Street Furniture. Like all bin surrounds available from Draffin Street Furniture, the Infinity bin surround is modular by design with interchangeable components, enabling it to be simply customised into a wheelie bin surround that suits a maximum number of applications.

The Infinity Bin Surround has a rigid sub-frame and panel construction, and the combined components result in a high strength structure. As the 888 series is constructed of more components and interchangeable componentry, the customer is presented with more choices when specifying the styling. The below information highlights the 888 Series Bin Surround’s standard options.
*Patent no 2018900173.
There is a lot more choice when specifying an Infinity Bin Surround.


Take a look at these featured 888 series bin surrounds:
Heavy-Duty Commercial Bin Surrounds with Canopy

A popular canopy style. The flat cover under the canopy is mirror polished stainless steel for easy cleaning. Mirror polished surfaces have a scratch resistant surface to minimise wear and keep the bin looking good. The canopy utilises the same standard 888 series bin frame, but extending the uprights to mount an elevated canopy that offers 360 degree bin access.

888 Series with Canopy Cover

All Powdercoated Bin surround

This striking set of bin surrounds were specified for Presbyterian Ladies College in Sydney. The panels are powdercoated in “Monument”. A dark colour that makes any bright colour really “pop”. The colour coded folded canopies are mounted on top of a mirror finish stainless steel cover, to keep the weather out of the wheelie bin. Finally a vertical door mounted all weather decal is used to indicate the waste type.

888 Series with Folded Canopy

Flat cover batten clad bin surround

Infinity Series Bin Surrounds offer a battened side panel option. This aesthetic is occasionally preferred, and will soften the appearance of the bin surround. Draffin’s full batten array is available to specify, including spotted Gum Timber, Enviroslat Composite and Timber-Look Aluminium. This elegant version is placed at a shopping mall. Installed indoors, a flat cover is chosen to provide maximum access to the bin opening, ideal in high traffic installations like shopping malls.

888 Series with Battened Side Panels

888 Series with Flat Cover

Custom bin surrounds

The domed cover has a similar curved profile to the curved door and rear panels and has large and small openings that suggest the waste type the bin accepts. The domed cover also offers 360 degree bin access. These examples have colour coded waste type decals that follow the frame colour over the cover.

888 Series with Domed Cover

Infinity series bin surrounds with waste separation signage

The curved cover offers frogmouth and smaller recycling openings, and is the best all-weather solution for the 888 series. These examples feature all stainless steel construction and colour coded cover and door decals to indicate the waste type the bin accepts.

Organics bins are becoming more popular, with organisations actively collecting this valuable resource to use in their own gardening programs, or to process and pass on to others who can use it.

888 Series with Curved Cover

SS Bin Surround, powdercoated covers

The City of Monash have their own 888 Infinity Series specified for use across their municipality. This smart looking bin surround features a colour coded full size folded canopy with laser cut waste type motifs, and full stainless steel bodies with the City of Monash logo etched on the door and back panels.

Custom variations on standard products is no problem for Draffin Street Furniture. If you don’t see the option online, please contact us so we can quote you accurately.

City of Monash 888 Series

888 Series Options and Features

  1. 01.

    All Stainless Steel Bin SurroundsMost commonly, 888 series bins are ordered in 120lt and 240lt sizes, but with small internal alterations they can cater for wheelie bin sizes including 80lt and 140lt.

  2. 02.

    Side panel options include perforations on mild or stainless steel, or selecting a batten clad panel.

    Perforations are primarily used to circulate air when the wheelie bin is not frequently serviced, but the perforations also serve as a styling option. Draffin Street furniture offers a range of standard perforation options to choose from. The options can be found listed in a guide on every 888 series product page listing.

    Batten clad side panels can be made using all standard batten materials including Spotted Gum, Enviroslat and Timber-Look Aluminium. Our batten guide lists these options in detail.

    Batten Guide

  3. 03.

    Covers are important, and need to be considered carefully, based on where and how you intend to use the bin surround. Will the bin be placed outdoors, or under cover? Will the bin need multiple access openings or will it be installed against a wall where access is likely to only be required from the front? From there, there is several options available to suit each application.

    Choose frogmouth or recycling openings on curved covers. Public recycling waste bins usually provide smaller openings to limit the size and type of waste that can be placed inside. 

  4. 04.

    You can choose what materials the bin surround will be made of, and again consideration needs to be given to the location of the bin surround. 

    316 grade stainless steel

    If corrosion is apparent in the location due to environmental conditions like coastal settings where salt blows in from the ocean, then perhaps a corrosion resistive material should be considered. Stainless steel is best in these conditions. In fact 316 grade stainless steel is considered “marine grade” and will survive coastal installation almost indefinitely.

    304 grade stainless steel

    But perhaps you choose to use stainless steel simply for aesthetic reasons. Then 304 grade stainless steel may be more suited in this circumstance. 304 grade stainless steel is ideal for less demanding environments and indoor applications.

    To learn more about what stainless steel is right for your application, Draffin Street Furniture offers a Stainless Steel Guide. Our sales staff are also happy to answer any questions you may have.


    Powdercoated finishes

    In most cases, zinc plated mild steel is used when powdercoated finishes are required. There are many powdercoat colours and finishes available, chosen when the bin surround needs to stand out in the crowd, make it easily identifiable, or perhaps to match in with the styling of the location. Powdercoat finishes are heavy duty, scratch resistant and can be specified with an anti-graffiti coating, to make removing graffiti easier. Covers can be colour coded to suit the waste type and you can add colour face plates or decals to further make waste types obvious to the user.


    You can choose what materials to use on the covers, panels and frames with the exception of flat covers that use mirror polished 316 grade stainless steel, proven highly scratch resistant for the application, and easy to clean.

  5. 05.

    Infinity Bin Surround with Canopy and Enviroslat Side Panels888 Infinity Bin Surrounds allow greater detail in specifications, and you can choose the material type for many components giving you more styling control.

    For example: you may choose to option stainless steel frames with a powdercoated canopy, along with powdercoated door and rear panel and add battened side panels. The choice is yours.

  6. 06.

    Waste separation starts at the bin. Make it easy to identify the type of waste the bin accepts by adding signage. A standard decal guide is available for you to choose appropriate signage for your bin surrounds. It lists decals and other signage options available including sign plates, laser cut signage and custom options.

  7. 07.

    888 series bin surrounds come with 3 lock options:

    • Choose from an 8mm tri-key cam lock, accessed only by authorised people with an 8mm tri-key. This stops public access to the wheelie bin.
    • Or choose magnetic latches. The door can be opened by anyone, however the door will remain held closed even in strong winds, unless someone opens it.
    • The third lock option is to choose both, a cam lock and magnetic latches.


Further Customisation on 888 Series Bin Surrounds

The website provides a basic guide to the standard options available to the 888 series bin surround. But if the standard options are not what you are looking for, contact our friendly and knowledgeable sales team. They can work closely with you and our engineers to create the perfect bin surround for your application.

Read further on how to specify Infinity series bin surrounds here.

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