Draffin: Australia's Leading Urban Design and Street Furniture Group



  1. 60 Years Experience gives you a safe choice

    Established 60 years ago, like our products Draffin has stood the test of time. Draffin is a 3rd generation family business, with no intention of stopping. The key to this longevity has been our unwavering commitment to our core values of honesty, integrity and pride in our work. Our number one priority is to never let a customer down, and because of this our customers know that they can rely on us completely. We will not rest until we exceed your expectations every time. This is a commitment that we make to every customer, big or small.

  2. You will experience True Value for Money

    We have a commitment to ensuring our products and services offer the best value to our customers. We believe that good value is not making your product as cheaply as possible. Instead we strive to understand our customer’s needs and provide an offer that will meet those needs at the most economical way. We achieve this by clever design, investing in skilled staff and modern technology to gain efficiency, and leveraging our buying power to get the highest quality materials at the best price. This enables us to provide the best value for money, without ever compromising the quality of what we deliver to you.

  3. You can be confident in our quality

    You need to know that when you invest in a project, what you get will be fit for purpose and last the test of time in the harsh conditions of a public place. We have been operating for over 60 years, and our customers know that when they use our products, they can be confident in the durability and support we offer. We achieve this by never compromising on our standards, and investing in skilled staff, quality materials and modern equipment. We have a comprehensive quality management system to ensure we do not let you down, and on the rare occasions that a customer has problems with our products, we never rest until the problem is solved.

  4. Understanding Your Needs to Ensure Your Success

    We understand that every one of our customer’s is different, and has different needs. The most critical aspect to ensuring our customers success is understanding these needs, and being flexible enough to be able to meet them. Our business revolves around this ethos. Before we start any work for a customer, we undergo a process to fully understand your requirements, aims and priorities. When we have reached this understanding, we can tailor our products and services to specifically meet these needs. If your need’s change, we will change to meet them.

  5. You First – We aim for unparalleled customer service

    Almost every business in the world claims to offer great service, so does it mean anything? Our definition of customer service is not just someone answering a phone politely, or sending you a thankyou card. We believe that customer service is part of every process in our business, not just sales. Every member of our team, from the accounts department to the forklift drivers, from welders to designers are trained to ask the question “what best serves our customer” and change to achieve it. We believe this is real customer service.


Draffin: The Leading Urban Design Group In Australia

Welcome to the Draffin Street Furniture website, where you can explore our urban design street furniture design aesthetic in depth. Browse over 150 different styles of street furniture for sale, or find out more about our unique custom street furniture service.Since 1964, Draffin has been a leading name amongst public furniture companies. As wholesale street furniture suppliers, we are dedicated to providing councils and park authorities with the finest quality benches, tables, chairs, shelters, bike racks, bin enclosures surrounds and more.


Australian Made Street Furniture

Using durable materials including timber and stainless steel, we create timeless designs that are built to last for decades. Our state-of-the-art facilities have helped Draffin become the custom built street furniture manufacturer of choice for a variety of locales across Australia; from subtle branding incorporating council logos to striking fixtures for recreational spaces, we can do it all. No other park furniture suppliers can match our choice of materials, shapes and finishes.

Quality Guaranteed

When you choose to buy street furniture in Australia from Draffin, you’re not just buying a practical fixture that the public can enjoy for many years to come. You’re also buying a commitment to quality local manufacturing and innovative design. We are committed to keeping all our design and fabrication in-country, where we can closely monitor and control quality.

Practical Urban Design

As a leading urban design group in Australia, we are committed to bringing our customers the highest possible quality street furniture all at a reasonable price. You can buy public furniture with confidence that your purchase is backed by a full guarantee.The Draffin selection of street and park furniture for sale really speaks for itself. See our range of wholesale public furniture for sale here. To buy street and garden furniture or to get a quote, contact us. With well over 50 years in street and park furniture manufacturing, the Draffin team have significant experience and understanding in knowing what will work for your outdoor area. Contact us today if you would like to speak to one of our team members regarding updating an outdoor setting – whether a private or public space. The variety of park furniture offered by Draffin is extensive. Take a look at our product pages. Here, there is a range of options depending on the type of furniture you wish to choose, the price you want to pay, and the material you prefer.