Kingsway – City of Monash

Hamilton Planter
City of Monash
March 2020
Kingsway, Glen Waverley
Kingsway, Glen Waverley….

The City of Monash Council recently undertook works in Kingsway Glen Waverley to refresh this shopping and dining precinct, with the idea to make it an extremely accessible option for the public. Removing some of the central parking, while increasing the overall amount of carparks off street, to make way for more pedestrian and outdoor dining space. Draffin Street Furniture recently partnered with the City of Monash through a collaborative effort to develop new and improved bin surrounds and planters specifically for this project.

Kingsway Glen Waverley

Kingsway would be transformed into Melbourne’s best outdoor dining precinct, and another car park would be built in the centre of Glen Waverley.

Monash City Councils Kingsway transformation project involved a fresh approach to creating an environment where foot traffic and road traffic used the same space. The overall goal, to enhance the shopping and dining experience along this popular street. 

Monash Urban Designers and operational staff joined with Draffin design team to flesh out the unique street furniture they envisaged for the project.

SS Bin Surround, powdercoated covers
The Furniture
888 Series Folded Canopy Bin Surrounds

All bin surrounds throughout the stretch were to be updated. A newly designed canopy was devised, colour coded to the waste type, and would top an existing design, the 888 Infinity Series. The body of the bin made from stainless steel. The Monash City Council logo would be etched into the door of the bin surround. The result of this design ends up being one of the most striking bin surrounds we have manufactured to date.

Hamilton Planter
Hamilton Stainless Steel Planters

Road shoulders were softened or raised to meet the walkways, therefore a physical barrier was needed to divide the traffic from the pedestrians.

Bollards are a natural solution for this application, however in this case planters will play the role. Just like bollards, they can divide zones, define pathways, act as physical access barriers and direct pedestrian traffic.

The City of Monash’s standard suite features Stainless Steel materials, from their public seating through to their public bin surrounds. So naturally they also required their planters to be manufactured from these same materials.

 A Monash City Council logo is etched into the panels. And the planters have adjustable feet, allowing the unit to be leveled before fixing the entire planter to the ground.

Self watering options

The planter boxes come with a standard drain, or can be fitted with a water fill pipe that is self-wicking bed friendly. What is a self-wicking planter box? Essentially it’s a ‘self-watering’ garden. The plants draw water up from a reservoir in the base of the planter, going directly to the roots. 

Modular by design

The Hamilton Planter range has been designed as a modular set, comprising not only of various planter sizes, but also seating options. Both stand alone and cantilever seat options allow for either Spotted Gum or Composite timber battens.

With so many options and sizes to choose from, it would be hard to not assemble a solution for almost any application.


Hamilton Square SettingSee the full range here, or if you have any questions about customising the Hamilton planter box range contact our sales team.