Kiama Park furniture collection

The Kiama suite has proven to be very popular since it’s introduction in 2016. First designed for the City of Boroondara, they were launched as a standard product line shortly after. The Kiama range quickly gained popularity with other councils, and then schools and other open space facilities soon started specifying the Kiama designs in their plans also. Many municipalities now have their custom specs locked in based on the Kiama designs. The Kiama range is regularly ordered for placement in new recreational spaces or to refresh established street furniture sites with modern street furniture.

The popularity of Kiama furniture throughout Australia means Kiama can be considered an industry standard. A cohesive suite of furniture with a modern feel incorporating classic curves that will suit any environment. The design has changed only slightly over the years, providing the opportunity to include many standard options that allow it to be customised to suit the needs of the application or environment.

The standard suite

The base suite consists of a seat with back, a table and a bench. The default material specification is spotted gum battens with a galvanised mild steel bolt down frame.
Kiama Street Furniture

Free Standing options

Later, some customers wanted their furniture to be movable if required and all base models were optioned with freestanding frames. The overall design was the same, but the legs were given a wider stance for stability when not bolted down. Bolt down holes were still provided and many customers preferred the freestanding leg style. It was decided the the new leg design should be another standard option.

Kiama Freestanding Street Furniture


Kiama seats have optional armrests and Kiama tables have an optional umbrella hole and a wheelchair variant for accessibility.


To round out the suite, a heavy duty bike rail was designed, made from solid flat bar steel and featuring the same curve found on standard Kiama furniture. And to compliment the suite, an all stainless steel drinking fountain was also included. 

Like all Draffin Street Furniture products, the Kiama suite is manufactured to the highest standards ensuring a lifetime of service outdoors.

The Kiama Platform Bench

paltform bench with spotted gum battensCustom street furniture is Draffin Street Furniture’s focus, and customers can request modifications to our standard furniture lines. Recently we have observed increased enquiries on platform benches, and not long after a customer requested a platform bench designed to suit the Kiama aesthetic. Upon completion it was agreed that Draffin Street Furniture should add this product to the Kiama suite.

The Kiama Platform Bench is essentially an extended standard bench and perfectly demonstrates Draffin Street Furniture’s ability to customise our standard products at the customers request. Due to the size of the platform, our engineers recommended extra bracing underneath the battens to strengthen and support the structure, ensuring an extended service life.

Custom Material Options

Draffin all batten typesLike most Draffin Street Furniture Products, the Kiama suite enjoys multiple batten and frame material options, that allow the customer to style Kiama furniture to suit the setting.
Primarily we use sustainably sourced spotted gum hardwood timber, chosen for its hardwearing characteristics. The popularity of timber battened street furniture cannot be denied. However all other batten choices are maintenance free options, best selected when future maintenance is likely not to be carried out. There is Enviroslat battens which are made from recycled sawdust, rice husks and industrial plastic waste. And we offer four aluminium batten variants including a plain anodised aluminium batten and three timber-look aluminium styles.

For more information you can follow a feature post on batten materials or download our batten guide here Batten Guide

Frames can be made from galvanised mild steel, and can then be powdercoated for extra styling choice. Alternatively there are two types of stainless steel. 304 grade stainless steel is a good option when the products are not subject to harsh weather, salt water or foreshore winds. And 316 grade stainless steel is a marine grade material, and ideal for coastal installations. Both stainless steels are electroplated for further corrosion protection.

A stainless steel guide has been compiled that you can download here

An Industry Standard

Kiama suite street furniture is specified into more projects than any other outdoor furniture suite we offer. The standard options offered above are generally more than enough for most applications. However our engineers are ready to customise any dimension and work with new materials to ensure you get the furniture you require while ensuring that the furniture is built to last a lifetime.

Our sales team is ready to take your enquiry. Submit a website quote request or contact us for any information you require on Draffin Street Furniture products and services.