Heavy Duty Round Planters

The Hamilton Planter range grows….

No pun intended.

Hamilton Round Planters extend the popular range of square planters offering a new dimension to style your space.

Round Stainless Steel PlantersHamilton Planters have grown in popularity since their inception back in 2019. The range has evolved since that time to include new innovative features. Many of the new features were adopted though designing custom Hamilton Planters for our customers. And the best ideas are collected and included in the latest generation of Hamilton Planters.

The Hamilton Round Planter range includes all these great features into 4 standard sizes. Great for placement in public spaces and even alongside the rest of the Hamilton Planter range.

Standard Sizes

With four standard sizes available, based on two diameters, there is a planter size sure to fit your application. Typically smaller in size to the Square Hamilton Range, the round planters will fit into indoor spaces as well as outdoor areas.

The two shorter 500mm planters are available in 500mm and 800mm diameters, while the two taller 1000mm planters also come in 500mm and 800mm diameters. Both heights will aid in dividing spaces, however the taller planters offer screening depending on the type of vegetation used.

Seen here, the shorter planters define two spaces, while the taller planters create a screen for when two groups use the same area. The addition of vegetation breathes life into an otherwise dull space.


WaterUps Wicking planter SystemWater Management

The entire Hamilton Planter Range utilises WaterUps Wicking Cells to manage soil and root hydration.

The wicking cells create a reservoir for the water at the base of the planter, dividing the growing medium from the water. The roots of the plant will naturally seek the water supply below, promoting a heathier root system, and minimising water evaporation ensuring all the water in the planter is available to the plants.

The fill tube ensures that when watering, all water is diverted directly to the reservoir first. This eliminates evaporation of water from the upper level of the growing medium.

And a built-in overflow pipe is installed at a height of 100mm in the base of the planter. This ensures the planter cannot be overfilled as excess water will drain from the planter. If water overflows, the planter is filled to its maximum level.

Mounting System

A clever mounting system derived from the second generation of Hamilton Square Planters is included for all Hamilton Round Planters. The round planters can be left freestanding if required, or alternatively they can be easily bolted to concrete surfaces using the supplied bolt down footing brackets. Simply fix the bolt down footing in position and locate planter over the footings. Then bolts are used through the side of the footing to lock it into position.

Round Steel Commercial Planters
Hamilton Round Planters are a commercial grade product that can be tailored to your needs.
Place a quote request from the product page or contact our expert sales staff with your requirements for an accurate quote including delivery to your area.

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