So you need street furniture that is not standard off the shelf product but you don’t know where to start? Draffin Street Furniture are here to help. There are three ways you can approach this:

  • Architectural design
  • Draffin in-house design
  • Customised standard products

All approaches will result in custom furniture designs. While architectural and in-house designing will produce bespoke furniture designs, customising standard products will also result in unique products.

Architectural design

You can hand the project over to an architect, where they have the expertise to design an entire space including the public furniture. They will work with you to create the furniture to your expectations. The furniture at this stage would be considered a “concept design” and the drawings would need to be seen by our engineers in order to be approved for costing on the manufacturing of the products. If the project goes ahead, the designs would go back to our design team, where our in-house engineers will realise the concept designs, ensuring strength, endurance, comfort and safety standards before the product designs are handed to our skilled production team for manufacturing.

Draffin In-house Design

Or if your own team knows what they need from their street furniture, you can work with our sales and design team to come up with your own product suite. Our talented and innovative engineering team have a deeper understanding of materials that can fast track the process of designing the furniture. They work with these materials everyday and can see problems in a design that can otherwise be overlooked. 3D modelling of the products is carried out for aesthetic purposes and if necessary prototyping of the design to ensure reliability, design flow, customer satisfaction and approval.

Customised Standard Products

Draffin Street Furniture has plenty of standard design suites to choose from and thanks to our streamlined design process, the list keeps growing. While they are standard products, there is still a great deal of customising that can be done to make these products unique to your project. Your choice of colours, finishes, materials and dimensions, and a keen eye for coordinating these options will yield impressive results. A standard product design can become a distinct product, as individual as bespoke pieces.

For example, Draffin Street Furniture 800 series bin surrounds are a great example of how you can specify a standard design with your specifications, altering the design with standard options that will turn our every day 800 series bin into a custom furniture piece.

All three of these bin surrounds are from the same 800 series design. You can see that they all look very different from each other just by altering a few standard options. Draffin Street Furniture extends these options across our whole product range.

Your standard suite

Lock your options and designs in with Draffin Street Furniture to ensure future consistency should you use these designs throughout your municipality or grounds. In this way you can delegate future installations to contractors without fear of them skewing specifications. You can be sure your products will be manufactured the same way every time.

Draffin Street Furniture alter their standard commercial outdoor furniture for literally every order. Our sales team are ready and waiting to promptly quote you on your standard or customised outdoor furniture needs.

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