Monash Campus Centre – Clayton

Monash Campus Balcony View
Monash University
June, 2022
Campus Centre - Clayton

Monash University Clayton Campus recently updated their terraces at the Campus Centre along Chancellors Walk with new outdoor furniture.

The Campus Centre serves as a multi-function office, meeting and entertainment venue with banquet and conference rooms, a cinema and has various food and goods vendors.

Students can visit the Campus Centre to relax in their down time.

Outerspace Landscape Architects were contracted to design the spaces and worked closely with Monash University and Draffin Street Furniture to realise the furniture.

Photo credit – Daniel Ichallalene – Outerspace Landscape Architects

The east balcony at Sir John’s, a popular licenced bar with pub-style food, underwent extensive improvements including a steel pergola frame that encloses the space.

Planter Bench

Draffin Street Furniture fabricated bar height benches that spanned the length of the outer side of the balcony. The benches also incorporate built-in planters where climbing plants have been added. Over time these plants are expected to climb over the pergola frame and enclose the balcony, to create a natural cool green canopy where punters can enjoy their downtime in the shade.

The Planter Bench features Spotted Gum battens across the tops, with openings for the plants to poke through, while the bases are constructed of stainless steel and powdercoated in “Monument” grey. A drain tube is mounted internally to maintain wicking water height for the plants.


3 Seat Satellite Cafe Table Setting

Satellite Cafe Table Setting – Battens, 3 Seat Table SettingSmaller table settings were also called for in this project. Previously, Draffin Street Furniture launched a Satellite Setting that also featured Spotted Gum Battens. A downsized version of this setting was designed that was based on this design.

These new smaller 3 seat table settings had Galvanised Mild Steel frames powdercoated Silver Kinetic Pearl and the timber tops were inset into a mild steel outer ring to protect the timber edges and ensure a longer life at this location. The Satellite design allows flexibility when mounting. These table settings have the ability to be bolt down mounted, but the frame allows them to be freestanding so they can be moved around if needed.


Kiama Table Settings

Kiama Table Settings placed end to endThe west balcony that serves as an entry point for offices and study spaces was provided with three standard freestanding Kiama Table Settings placed end to end to form an extended table setting layout. Placing the settings end to end like this allows for maximum seating in a smaller space.

These Kiama table settings are specified with Spotted Gum battens and stainless steel “freestanding” frames. The Kiama furniture range from Draffin Street Furniture has proven very popular across Australia with many municipalities and public spaces specifying Kiama furniture as standard in new projects and when upgrading established spaces.


MonashDraffin Street Furniture are proud to supply Monash University with their outdoor furniture requirements.

This project comprised of both standard and bespoke products. All of which had custom specified materials and dimensions. All delivered on time and within budget.

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