Satellite Round Table Setting – Battens


The Round Timber Satellite Table Setting is designed with very heavy duty components. It is a battened alternative to the ever popular Satellite setting utilising Draffin Street Furniture’s full batten selection. Perfect for parks, staff outdoor lunch areas and any other area that requires extremely durable furniture.

(Main picture – Spotted Gum Battens, Kinetic Silver Pearl Powdercoat)

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Inground Anchor

  • Table Diameter 1100mm
  • Seat Diameter 344mm
  • Table Height 716mm
  • Seat Height 434mm
  • Plan 1901mm
  • Frame 40x40x3.0 Mild Steel Tube Frame, with 5mm Tk Rings
  • Batten Size 65mm x 19mm
  • Seat Options Disc Seats
  • Batten Options Aluminium
    Enviroslat Composite
    Powdercoated Aluminium
    Spotted Gum
    Timber-look Aluminium - Alpine Ash
    Timber-Look Aluminium - Ironbark
    Timber-look Aluminium - Mountain Gum
  • Mounting Options Bolt Down
    Rag Bolts for In Ground


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