Hamilton Round Planter


Hamilton Round Planters are developed specifically for streetscape environments. Available in two different heights and widths and are great for softening a space in need of colour or vegetation. Choose from stainless steel, powdercoated and galvanised mild steel, or weathered steel construction. Hamilton Round Planters are freestanding for temporary placement or can be bolted down for a more permanent installation. The included mounting system makes bolt down installation easy and hides the surface mounting away.

WaterUps wicking bed systems are included to deliver water right to where the plant needs it.

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WaterUps Wicking planter System

Hamilton Planter Watering System

Draffin Street Furniture have partnered with WaterUps to include their WaterUps system wicking cells with our Hamilton Planters. This slick modular system is tailor fit to all Hamilton planters. The WaterUps system wicking cells are supplied as standard. If not required, remove the Waterups system wicking cells in the specifications when requesting a quote.

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Hideaway Mounting System

Hamilton Planters are now easier to mount to concrete surfaces. The new surface mounting system includes bolt-down ground brackets that are positioned and bolted in place. The planter is then placed on the bolt-down brackets and then easily bolted together through the side of the footing assembly. The bolt down brackets also have an end plate that conceal the ground anchors and provides a sleek finished look to the footing.



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  • Round Planter Size W500mm x H1000mm
    W500mm x H500mm
    W800mm x H1000mm
    W800mm x H500mm
  • Panel Material 304 Stainless
    316 Stainless
    Powder Coated
    Weathering Steel
  • Mounting Options Bolt Down


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