Hamilton planter box

Create Urban Retreats

The addition of planter boxes enhance any streetscape or public space by adding colour, texture and landscaping elements. Plants, flowers and trees provide a welcome contrast in our urban jungles. As a result, they soften the surroundings, creating inviting pockets that encourage people to stop, unwind and enjoy being outdoors.


With this in mind, Draffin has developed a range of planters with integrated benches. The Hamilton series are portable planter boxes that can be used to create permanent or pop up garden retreats. Filled with climate friendly plants, they can transform rooftop areas, courtyards, or dead space in between buildings. When used strategically, they can divide zones, define pathways, act as a physical access barrier and direct pedestrian traffic.


The planter boxes come with a standard drain, or can be fitted with a water fill pipe that is self-wicking bed friendly. What is a self-wicking planter box? Essentially it’s a ‘self-watering’ garden. The plants draw water up from a reservoir in the base of the planter, going directly to the roots. 

The Benefits of Self-Wicking Planter Boxes

Self-wicking planter boxes like the Hamilton are gaining popularity as a water-wise garden bed alternative. Wicking beds keep the soil damp most of the time, with the plant roots accessing the water when they need to.  


There are a number of environmental and horticultural benefits from using wicking planter boxes. Firstly, they are great for thirsty plants – like flowering plants in areas known for low rainfall, or areas with water restrictions. Other watering methods, such as sprinkler systems are often prone to water wastage through evaporation or over-watering.  However, wicking-beds minimise water wastage by delivering water right where it is needed. Finally, it is said that water wicking produces less atmospheric carbon than traditional garden beds – another win for the planet.

Plastic wicking system


News flash: 02/09/21 – Draffin Street Furniture have partnered with WaterUps to include their WaterUps system wicking cells with our Hamilton Planters. This slick modular system can be tailor fit to any planter and works seamlessly with all Hamilton planters. The WaterUps system wicking cells are an optional extra. For accurate quoting, simply request the Waterups system wicking cells to be included in the specifications when requesting a quote.


The Hamilton planter boxes come in rectangle and square styles and are available in two different heights. Materials include rustic weathering steel, powder coated steel in a range of contemporary colours, or stainless steel. The battens for the bench seat come in your choice of beautiful spotted gum, composite timber or aluminium. Mix various heights and materials to create urban gardens that are visually interesting and add architectural value.


See the full range here, or if you have any questions about customising the Hamilton planter boxes contact our sales team.