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Modular Concrete Furniture

The Wandin Modular Suite was launched in 2019 and quickly became the most popular suite in Draffin Street Furniture’s range. With many architectural projects specifying Wandin, it was apparent there was greater need for more standard curved seat shapes plus concrete options in the range.

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With a full list of furniture and accessories, along with endless styling combinations, Wandin makes it simple to specify into your project.

Straight School Benches

In their simplest form, Wandin benches can be used as a standalone solution. A great looking seat or bench placed in the perfect location creates a place to relax and recharge. However placed end to end, Wandin Seats and Benches transform into larger furniture to use in feature installations.

Wandin Curved Park Seats

Both Seats and Benches marry together seamlessly whether straight or curved, so you can create large format seating in countless combinations. Curved furniture is available in three radiuses.

Concrete and Timber Bench Arrangement

Wandin furniture has seven mounting styles, including steel and concrete mounting solutions for Wandin battened frames. Plus an additional all-concrete bench that also follows Wandin styling. For a bespoke appearance, you can spec a mounting style along with any other mounting style and the configuration will flow.

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Modular by Design

The Wandin Suite of furniture is modular by design. All seats and benches in the range use the same profile seat height, therefore provide modular interconnectivity throughout the suite. While individual pieces are great for standalone applications, Wandin furniture excels as a modular product, and provides feature space furniture, bypassing the need for bespoke furniture design. 


Section Profiles

The suite also offers six mounting styles including bolt-down, inground, and freestanding applications. This provides option for further suitability in even more spaces. Steel legs in multiple styles from standard post mounts through to abstract designs based on the same trapezoidal shape. Concrete benches and plinths are also included in the suite using the same modular profiles. And a freestanding leg for spaces that require frequent layout changes.

Seats or Benches

Wandin Curved Park Seats

Seats and benches can be configured in many ways. For instance, curved seats with back can be optioned as concave or convex, retaining the same base modular shape, allowing the freedom to add a backrest to almost any modular position along a configuration. The two larger curved seats with back even allow half back rest options giving further flexibility to the suite.


Featuring uniform cross-laid battens for seats and backrests (and tables) in a variety of materials, the Wandin Suite is a chameleon, giving you the option to specify the furniture in even more material and colour options than most outdoor commercial furniture suites.


Add armrests where required. Armrests can be specified on seats with back and on benches. Standard positioning on most modules is located at the ends of each module, however the two larger curved modules have a middle armrest position as well.

Minor Modules and Accessories

Cross Shaped BenchRight angle shapes are available. These come in the form of benches in battened top, concrete, or all-steel formats. 90-degree corners can be achieved with these products.

Modular corner bench add-on for the Wandin RangeBattened Top Right-Angled Bench

This product seamlessly joins Wandin battened furniture at right angles while maintaining the cross-laid batten design of the larger battened modules.

Curved Concrete SeatingMinor Concrete Modules

Two 90-degree concrete corner modules are available depending on your application. A straight or box shape module and a tight curved module. A 4-way junction module extends the options and allows Wandin seating to branch out in three or four directions.


Angled Steel Corners

Two steel corner units can be specified. One is a 90-degree unit, and the other unit halves this angle at 45-degrees both with a curved outer edge. Steel corners provide a lightweight corner solution for battened Wandin furniture.


Wandin Architectural Guide

Wandin furniture is modular in design, making it simple to assemble a configuration to suit your application. To quickly assist you in specifying Wandin seats and benches, you can view our architectural guide for Wandin Modular Furniture. Following the steps in the guide will enable quick assembly of a custom specification in your project.

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