Wandin Concrete Benches

Concrete Benches & Plinths

Wandin Concrete Benches mimic the profile of Wandin Timber Benches and can be used as standalone furniture or joined end to end with any other Wandin Seat or Bench for endless configurations. Available in 3 curved radiuses, a straight model, and various minor right-angle models. Wandin concrete products can be specified with various concrete colours, aggregates, and blast finishes to your requirements.


(Main image – Straight Bench & Plinth. Base Colour – Grey, Aggregate Mix – White Quartz, Blasting Level – Light. Wandin Seat with back mounted to Plinth)

Note: Concrete benches and plinths are “precast” solid concrete structures and weigh 300kg – 500kg each. A crane truck is used to deliver these products and will need clear access to the delivery site.

The Wandin Suite

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  • Profile Height 430mm
  • Profile Width 400mm
  • Concrete Strength 40MPa
  • Lifting Lugs - Rated 1.3t Included (Excluded for Minor Bench Models)
  • Module Selection Curved Right Angle (Bench Only)
    Junction (Bench Only)
    Large Curved Module
    Medium Curved Module
    Right Angle Module
    Small Curved Module
    Straight Module
  • Concrete Base Colour Brown
  • Aggregate Blue Metal & River Pebble
    White Quartz
  • Blasting Level Heavy-Blast
    Light Blast
    Medium Blast


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