Glenelg Setting

Seeing a greater need for outdoor dining solutions, Draffin Street Furniture now offer the Glenelg suite. A collection of Australian outdoor dining inspired street furniture pieces, designed to look at home in almost any environment. Tables with matching benches and seats were central to the design concepts behind the Glenelg suite. The settings can be configured with both seats and benches and are available in a variety of sizes to suit the application.

Make no mistake, the construction of this suite is heavy-duty. All models have the option to be permanently bolted down. Clever design hides the extra lengths Draffin Street Furniture have gone to make this suite last a lifetime in public service.

Material choices

The batten size employed for the Glenelg suite: 110mm x 30mm is used uniformly across the collection. With recent developments within our materials procurement team, we now offer 6 different batten materials that can be applied to the Glenelg range. Spotted Gum Timber, Enviroslat Composite Timber, Anodised Aluminium, and three different Timber-Look Aluminium varieties. 

The frames can also be optioned with galvanised mild steel, then colour powder coated if needed. Or even made from your choice of 2 different stainless-steel grades.

Six batten choices combined with four frame materials including a large powder coat colour choice results in giving you countless styling choices.

The Furniture

Heavy duty public table setting with Enviroslat battensTables

The tables come in 830mm, 1750mm and 2000mm lengths. This allows flexibility in the space you need the furniture to fit into, and also gives you a mix of seating arrangements, be it a table for 2 to a table for 8, or even more if you plan on joining the tables together.

Glenelg Seat with back Glenelg Single Seat with backSeats

Seats have the option to add armrests for extra comfort or support and also come in single seat and 3-seater configurations. Not only do these seats suit the table settings they were designed for, but also look great as a standalone solution.

Wide park bench with hardwood timber battens Glenelg Slim Bench

The benches also work well on their own, just as well as for table settings. 600mm and 1750mm versions and depending on the application the bench has slim 3 batten or wide 4 batten variants. 

Bolt Down Outdoor Stool

A 350mm square stool option is also available using the same design.

Glenelg Coffee Table Glenelg Coffee TableCoffee Table

Australians know best how to enjoy the outdoors, Draffin Street Furniture are constantly reminded of this through the creativity of customers using our street furniture in new and original ways. Outdoor dining is just one way Australians bring the indoors outside.

So, to compliment the Glenelg suite, this outdoor dining furniture collection includes a coffee table. This 450mm high table incites a relaxed atmosphere and works best in secluded environments.

Bar Height Glenelg furnitureBar Height Tables and Stools

Bar height furniture is a great solution for restaurants and popup cafes. The need for permanent and reliable bolt down table settings that can withstand years of public use has increased over the past couple of years. Bar height furniture can also be installed at lookouts and viewing areas, taking advantage of the view while enjoying a bite to eat.

Square and rectangle tables with seating from two to eight can be specified.

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The Glenelg suite is yet another great collection of commercial grade outdoor furniture from Draffin Street Furniture. Draffin offer a vast array of street furniture to suit most styles and applications, custom made here in Australia with Australian materials. If you can’t find what you are looking for here on our website, speak with our sales staff. Perhaps a more bespoke solution is required. Let us help you create the furniture your space deserves.

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