Colour swatches

Colour is a great way to transform a drab space into a fun outdoor play area. Whether you want to create a learning space, segregated areas, or enhance school spirit – this can be easily achieved with the addition of coloured outdoor furniture.

However, when it comes to picking colours for your outdoor furniture there is more to consider than just the  . . . colour. Read on as we share our tips on how to pick colours that are right for your space and location.


The Colour Process

First, a bit about our colour coating of choice. We use a colour process known for its longevity, even finish and durability – powder coating.

Frames are sprayed with electrically charged paint powder and then baked at a high heat. We love this technique because:

– The colours are vibrant

– The finish is high-quality and

– The coating acts as a barrier to prevent metal corrosion

– It’s environmentally friendly

For additional protection, a coating of anti-graffiti can be added. This makes the removal of spray paint and markers much easier.

Modular bench seat

The Space

One of the biggest causes of colour fading is photodegredation – UV rays breaking down chemical bonds in the paint.

All colour pigments absorb wavelengths of light from the sun. Colours like reds and yellows absorb more of the short wavelength light that causes bleaching. Darker shades also absorb more heat and UV radiation, accelerating the colour fading process.

Consider shades like blues, greens, purples and greys if you furniture will be exposed to the elements all year round. These colours reflect more light and will naturally fade more slowly over time.

Barwon heavy duty picnic setting

The Location

 Is your school or sporting facility located in a built up area or coastal region? Or an area known for its temperature fluctuations? These factors can also affect the longevity of powder coat colours.

Constant exposure to salt, atmospheric moisture and pollution creates a corrosive environment. This will cause colour to fade more quickly than anticipated.

Alternatively, stainless steel or galvanised furniture have a much longer life span and will require very little ongoing maintenance.


Powder coating is one of the most durable coatings available on the market. With a little regular maintenance you can keep your coloured furniture looking fresh for many years.

Pollution, dirt and grime can be detrimental to powder coated surfaces. To extend the life of your coloured furniture we recommend cleaning them regularly with mild detergent and a soft brush. Rinse with cold water to remove remaining residues.



For more information on any of our outdoor pieces and how they can be customised with colour, get in touch with our friendly sales team today.