Modular Block Seat


The Modular Block Seats are portable bench seats with a unique locking system, enabling the seats to be arranged and stacked in unlimited configurations. Light weight yet extremely durable, the Modular Block Seats are perfect for those multipurpose outdoor areas that are used for a wide range of activities. They feature a battened top, optional battened sides and ends, or choose from solid panels, or incorporate laser cut patterns into the design. A contrasting-coloured backing plate sets off the pattern.

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Block Seat Configuration

Modular Block Seats are topped with your choice of batten material. However, the sides can be optioned with battens, or panels with laser cut patterns and motifs. Choose from the configurations below:

Panel Perforation Patterns

on Zinc Plated Mild Steel – Powdercoated



Pick what you need

Large Square Patttern
Large Diamond Pattern
Small Square Pattern
Diamond Pattern
Small Hole Pattern
Rectangle Pattern
Slotted Pattern
Small Circle Pattern
Small Offset Circle Pattern
No Pattern
Custom Lasercut Pattern
  • Length 1200mm
  • Width 603mm
  • Height 455mm
  • Frame Hot Dip Galvanised Steel
  • Batten Profile 65mm x 19mm
  • Batten Options Aluminium
    Enviroslat Composite
    Powdercoated Aluminium
    Spotted Gum
    Timber-look Aluminium - Alpine Ash
    Timber-Look Aluminium - Ironbark
    Timber-look Aluminium - Mountain Gum
  • Block Seat Configuration Type A
    Type B
    Type C
    Type D
    Type E
    Type F
    Type G
    Type H
    Type I
  • Mounting Options Bolt Down
    In-Ground Anchors
  • Panel Perforations 10mm Circle (E)
    20mm Circle (H)
    20mm Diamonds (D)
    20mm Square (C)
    25mm Offset Round (J)
    40mm Diamonds (B)
    40mm Square (A)
    60mm x 19mm Rectangle (F)
    7mm x 97mm Slot (G)
    Custom Pattern


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