Hamilton Modular Square Planter


Square Hamilton modular planter boxes are an attractive addition to any landscape architecture application. Available in three heights, the square Hamilton is large enough to be the star feature of any outdoor area but also works just as well sitting alongside the rectangular style Hamilton planters and bench seats. Optional extras include cantilever slatted timber benches, tables, or bar height tables for creating pop up social spaces.

WaterUps wicking bed systems are included to deliver water right to where the plant needs it.


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2nd generation Hamilton Planters now available

Hamilton Planters are now easier to mount to concrete surfaces. The new surface mounting system includes a bolt-down ground bracket that is positioned and bolted in place. The planter is then placed on the bolt-down bracket and then easily bolted together through the side of the footing assembly. The bolt down bracket also has an end plate that conceal the ground anchors and provides a sleek finished look to the footing.

WaterUps Wicking planter System

Hamilton Planter Box Watering Systems

Draffin Street Furniture have partnered with WaterUps to include their WaterUps system wicking cells with our Hamilton Planters. This slick modular system is tailor fit to all Hamilton planters. The WaterUps system wicking cells are supplied as standard. If not required, remove the WaterUps system wicking cells in the specifications when requesting a quote.

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  • Full Cantilever Seat Width 1807mm
  • Cantilever Seat Depth 396mm
  • Batten Profile on Cantilever Seats 60mm x 30mm
  • Panel Material 304 Stainless
    316 Stainless
    Powder Coated
    Weathering Steel
  • Planter Dimensions L1000mm x W1000mm
    L1000mm x W410mm
    L1000mm x W500mm
    L1000mm x W750mm
    L2000mm x W1000mm
    L2000mm x W410mm
    L2000mm x W500mm
    L2000mm x W750mm
    L410mm x W410mm
    L500mm x W410mm
    L500mm x W500mm
    L750mm x W410mm
    L750mm x W500mm
    L750mm x W750mm
  • Planter Height 1000mm
  • Bench Height 1000mm (Bar Table Height)
    430mm (Seat Height)
    750mm (Table Height)
    No Bench
  • Planter Bench Configuration Four Mitred Corners
    Four Straight Benches
    One Mitred Corner
    One Straight Bench
    Planter Only
    Three Straight Benches
    Two Mitred Corners
    Two Straight Benches
  • Batten Options Aluminium
    Enviroslat Composite
    Planter Only
    Powdercoated Aluminium
    Spotted Gum
    Timber-look Aluminium - Alpine Ash
    Timber-Look Aluminium - Ironbark
    Timber-look Aluminium - Mountain Gum
  • Mounting Options Bolt Down


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