Engineering & Programming

Our engineering team utilises modern 3D CAD (Computer Aided Design) software to fully detail designs. Our CAM (Computer Aided Machining) programmers use this 3D data to create programs for our CNC equipment, ensuring that the resulting parts are accurate to the design.

Laser Cutting

Our state of the art 6kw LVD Fibre laser cutter is capable of cutting steel up to 30mm thick, and can process parts with incredible speed. Its industry 4.0 software enables it to be integrated with other machines in the factory, and report back to our management software to ensure quality and efficiency.

CNC Forming

We operate a number of CNC forming machines, including an LVD 7 axis brake press. This machine features a laser measurement system to ensure that every bend is perfect, which enables the rest of our production process to produce a flawless product.

Sheet metal

We have a comprehensive sheet metal facility for cropping, forming, rolling and pressing sheet metal, allowing us to create a huge variety of components in house.

Steel processing

Cutting, drilling, forming, pressing

Our facilities include bandsaws, cold-saws, drill presses, fly presses, turning, milling and grinding machines, allowing us to produce a massive range of products.


Draffin have a large team of extremely skilled fabricators operating the latest in Fronius pulse MIG and TIG equipment, highly capable of fabricating with mild steel, stainless steel and aluminium.

Surface Finishing

We can advise on and offer a huge range of surface finishing options to suit any project, such as mechanical polishing stainless steel, galvanising, powder-coating, 2 pak painting, zinc plating, electropolishing and anodising.

Timber Processing

Our timber processing facilities include cutting, sanding, routing, coating and joining.


Our team of experienced assemblers will take all of the components made by the previous processes and assemble the end product.


Our dispatch team are highly skilled in packaging your goods to ensure safe transport, and will work with you to find the most appropriate time, place and vehicle type to get the goods to your project on time.

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