Roxy Central at Roxburgh Park

Curved outdoor bench with concrete base
Empire Properties
Nov 2021
Roxburgh Park

In the heart of Roxburgh Park a new shopping centre recently opened, aptly named Roxy Central. Although architecturally designed, standard Draffin Street Furniture products were selected to feature across the grounds, and demonstrates that carefully selected furniture from separate standard suites can come together to create a unique and lux look.

Empire Properties approached Draffin Street Furniture for specific furniture pieces, all to be made with a few select hardwearing materials and finishes to procure a cohesive collection of furniture. 

Newcastle Seat with Enviroslat Battens

Newcastle Seat with back

This seat is a standard design, except Empire Properties have chosen to customise the design, embellishing the seat ends with their trademark. Laser cut stainless steel over a weathering steel back plate. Enviroslat battens clad the fully welded base and back rest.

Newcastle Seat custom end plate

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Curved Outdoor Benches

Wandin curved benches

Clearly a feature piece in this space, Wandin curved furniture is modular and has many standard shapes to create unique seat and bench profiles. In this case three curved benches have been placed end to end to form a snaking profile. Enviroslat battens and a concrete plinth mounting come together to form this stately furniture feature.

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Enviroslat clad bin surround

900 Series Bin Surrounds

These surrounds have a fully welded frame for strength, and Enviroslat battens are used for the side panels. A sloped cover was chosen to keep the weather out. And a stainless steel sign panel with a decal for the waste type rounds out the specs on this sharp looking enclosure.

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Weathered Steel Planters

Hamilton Planters

Empire Properties chose weathered steel Hamilton Planters for Roxy Central. This planter is big enough to accommodate larger advanced trees, while built in drainage manages the water level so overfilling cannot occur. Hamilton Planters are designed to be portable, and can be moved around Roxy Central to suit the changing shops and trades that come to the shopping centre.

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Modular Park Bench with Enviroslat Battens

Wandin Straight Bench

Part of the Wandin suite, the Wandin Straight bench was designed to be placed alongside any Wandin furniture to form unique shapes, but is equally at home used as a stand-alone bench. Shown here with Enviroslat battens, galvanised mild steel frames and bolt down mountings.

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Stainless Steel Cigarette Butt Bin

Brisbane Butt Bins

These are stainless steel posts with a canopy on top of its opening to keep the weather out. Internally there is a deep zinc plated steel liner, all secured with an 8mm tri-lock, allowing for easy servicing at longer intervals due to its capacity.

Brisbane Butt Bins are a discontinued product. Please contact our sales team for more information.

Materials and finishes

The following materials were specified for all the furniture above. Keeping within this material selection assured all furniture would match, and transformed the furniture selection into a comprehensive suite. Also worthy to note that all materials are low to no maintenance, which means that besides an occasional wash down, the furniture does not need to be factored into the shopping centres maintenance schedule.


Enviroslat BattensEnviroslat is a composite material that blends recycled plastic and wood pulp to make a material that has a natural appearance similar to timber. The advantage of Enviroslat is that it requires little to no maintenance to keep it looking good year after year. A big advantage in high traffic areas. The colour used in this project across all battened furniture is “Walnut”.


Galvanised Mild Steel

Galvanised Mild Steel FramesThis is a standard finish on mild steel to protect it from corrosion. Finished frames and mounts are “hot dipped” in large tanks with a small electric current passing through them. The current causes the zinc material in the tank to stick to the steel, and protects the mild steel from exposure to the elements. Galvanised components can then be powdercoated if required, however in this case, the galvanised finish is used as a feature.


Concrete Plinths

Concrete PlnthsThe use of concrete in commercial streetscape furniture is becoming increasingly popular, especially in architectural applications. Draffin Street Furniture have a small selection of modular concrete plinths, primarily used to provide support for our popular “Wandin” series furniture suite. Our concrete plinths can also be used as standalone units. For reference, the colour chosen for the concrete plinths is “White Base Colour, White Quartz Aggregate – with a light blast”



Powdercoated FinishPowdercoating has been reserved for the bin surrounds at Roxy Central. The colour chosen is “Monument”. A popular colour that has the ability to make other materials used in architectural applications stand out or “pop”. Powdercoating has proven to be a reliable finish for street furniture applications.


Weathered Steel

Weathered SteelRecently, and particularly in architectural appointments, weathered steel has found its place. Once weathered steel develops its natural rust patina the steel is protected from further corrosion, and if the surface is damaged, it quickly repairs itself. A decorative finish that is perfect for panelling and frames.


Stainless Steel

Stainless SteelIn this case stainless steel has been used sparingly. Armrests and butt bins are made from this material, the finish is easy to clean making them easy to maintain. Stainless steel is yet another material that requires little future maintenance.

Curved outdoor bench with concrete base

Roxy Central looks to be a well finished project. Spacious and well thought out, with ample space for social activities. The furniture is but a cherry on top in these spaces, but not an afterthought. We can observe that carefully selected furniture with carefully selected materials will blend well with the space intended, and create an established and welcoming atmosphere.

Contact our experienced sales team about your project today. Our products are made to order, whether standard or bespoke, to allow most specifications to be customised to suit your space. Material and colour guides are available on all product pages or on request.

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