Large Scale Victorian School Projects

OSVgroup, Hutchinson Builders
December, 2023

Open space construction team OSVgroup carried out landscaping across six new schools in Victoria for Hutchinson Builders. Part of the Victorian School Building Authorities roll-out of new schools in Victoria for completion by the start of first term 2024.

Draffin’s standard Wandin Suite was specified for placement across all these schools. Given it was a large project across many sites, it was important to ensure a tightly scheduled product delivery, and Draffin Street Furniture rose to the challenge, working with OSVgroup for prompt supply on all sites.

The new schools OSVgroup provided landscaping for were:

  • Alexander Boulevard, Clyde North (Topirum Primary School)
  • Black Forest East, Mambourin (Laa Yulta Primary School)
  • Tarneit North (Wimba Primary School)
  • Lockerbie, Kalkallo (Banum Warrik Primary School)
  • Merrifield, Mickleham (Yubup Primary School)
  • Brookfield (Binap Primary School)

*All new Victorian schools were given Aboriginal language names that provide a better representation of Aboriginal culture and language in the state.

All schools in the project used the same outdoor design brief. Draffin paid a visit to Yubup Primary School in Mickleham to view the school nearing completion.

Wandin Suite Furniture

The Wandin Suite features uniform cross laid battens over fully welded subframes, creating curved and straight furniture profiles that can be placed end to end to form larger curved, winding, or snaking shapes.

Wandin offers multiple batten and frame material options, and many mounting options including five standard leg options and matching concrete plinths. With so many standard styling options available, Wandin can be made to order to suit a wider array of spaces and applications.

The suite has become popular for use in schools and larger open spaces and is regularly included in outdoor architectural projects.

Project Scale

OSVgroup were instructed to landscape the grounds and install Wandin Suite furniture across six new schools. A massive undertaking for any landscape construction group. The furniture quantity totalled:



72 Curved Benches with
120 Curved Concrete Plinths


333 Straight Benches


36 Straight Seats with Back with
108 Straight Concrete Plinths

Project Palette

The materials used for the furniture remained uniform throughout all the schools design briefs:

  • Enviroslat Battens
  • Galvanised Mild Steel Frames, Powdercoated Black
  • Concrete Plinth –
    • Base Colour: Off White,
    • Aggregate Mix: White Quartz,
    • Blasting Level: Medium Blast

Featured Wandin Furniture

Featured in the common central space at Yubup Primary School is a series of curved Wandin Benches with concrete plinths surrounding a native tree that will later provide natural shade. A great place to meet friends at recess! While the grounds are large, this space will certainly form the hub from where students will base their time at school.

Like all Wandin furniture, the concrete plinths are made for modular placement and perfectly match the dimensions of all other Wandin seats and benches.


A closer look at the concrete plinths will reveal two standard options. While the plinths were originally made to fit under the Wandin seat and bench range, a secondary plinth was designed, profiled to the same seat height, and includes matching side contours for seamless integration with Wandin furniture.

For every Wandin seat and bench model in the range, there is a matching concrete plinth in both under seat and seat height styles.

Wandin Straight Benches were the most common seating installed in all the school grounds. An average just short of sixty per school. Benches are a perfect seating option for school grounds. They are an informal place to sit for a few minutes at most.

This image perfectly demonstrates Wandin’s modular simplicity. Shown here are three Wandin Straight Benches joined end to end, all using bolt-down leg mounts.

Wandin Seats with Back and Armrests can be found out the front of each school in the pick-up and drop-off areas. At 2.5m long, they will comfortably seat up to 6 people each.

The seats utilise concrete plinths like the curved benches found inside the school. Three standard modules are used under each 2.5m long seat.

Draffin Street Furniture’s state of the art factory and 50+ skilled staff demonstrate the ability to deliver large scale projects just like this one, every day. 
So, speak to our friendly sales team to see what is possible to realise your project.

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