Wall Mounted Bin internal liner

Draffin Street Furniture answered the call recently, for a new rugged wall mounted bin enclosure. The International French School of Sydney was looking to upgrade their existing external waste collection stations, but needed a more custom approach than our standard products.

Wall mounted bin requirements:

  • Minimum 60L bin,
  • Rubbish and recycle bins should be securely enclosed,
  • A cover to keep rain from filling the bin,
  • The opening at an average shoulder height.
  • Uniform in appearance, and easily identifiable
  • All weather signage to identify the waste type

The aim of the wall mountable bins was to aid easy cleaning of both the bins and the ground below, while providing a healthy sized receptacle. There are few wall mount bin designs that manage to have a receptacle this size.

Our talented engineers quickly designed a solution, and sent the design proposal to the prospective customer. The customer approved the new bin enclosure with a few extra adjustments to the design.

Wall Mounted Bin Features

Custom Designed

This bin design was made specifically for a customer. A solution to their requirements. We thought this was a very practical bin design and have now made it a standard model we offer. You will find all the usual options on the product page. Choose from different materials, openings, finishes, security options and signage. But if you need something more specific that is not offered on the product page, let us know. We want to make them the way you want them made.

For your next project, turn to Draffin Street Furniture for custom designed furniture. The above is only one example of hundreds of custom jobs we regularly do for our customers. It’s what sets us apart from the competition. Australian made and built to last.

Have a chat with our sales staff for your next project, and see what is possible.