Arena Bin Surround

Clean Lines

Introducing the Arena “easy clean” bin surround. Featuring a fully welded design for heavy duty strength, the Arena bin surround has a modern sleek look, ideal for the latest architectural settings, yet perfect for applications both indoors and outdoors.

Available in 120lt and 240lt sizes. The clean lines and built in covers make cleaning a breeze. The openings in the covers also carry the same design traits, so wiping down these areas takes next to no effort. Made from high grade stainless steel, this surface ensures a hygienic clean, scuff & scratch resistance and of course, corrosion resistance.

New cover designs.

The covers are fully welded to the panels with no visible join so there is no crevice for spill or grime build up. Intended for use in high traffic areas, the covers are designed to suit the placement of the bin surround. Like all Draffin bin designs, all openings have a chute to guide the rubbish to your wheelie bin inside.


The dome cover allows openings to be placed front and back making this bin surround ideal to be placed centrally in high traffic areas.


Sloped backwards

The sloped covers make it impossible to place items on top of the bin, this ensures nothing obstructs the openings.


Sloped forwards

Ideal for placement against walls. The forward slope makes for easy rubbish entry, and stops any placement of larger items on top of the bin.



There are three standard openings available for the Arena bin surround. A specialised frogmouth opening that is designed to allow only certain sized items to be placed in the bin. This feature is ideal for event venues that wish to control waste for recycling purposes. Standard frogmouth and recycle openings are also available.


Multi-Bay configurations

Arena bin surrounds can be made in single or double bay configurations to accommodate Australia’s expanding waste separation practices. While some municipalities prefer separation of glass and plastic, some organisations have their own organics collection practices, utilising composting facilities within their own organisation.


Like all Draffin products, Arena bin surrounds are custom made to your specification. Coloured all weather decals are but one way to customise your products. If you need to alter other specifications to suit your application, talk to us today. “Custom” is what we do everyday, and we treat every order with this respect. Our knowledgeable sales team is ready to help you obtain the best and most suitable commercial furniture for your application.

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