Sustainability at Draffin, custom furniture at Bright, Victoria

Custom Spotted Gum light box seating: Bright, Victoria Project.

Defining sustainability can be challenging for street furniture designers and manufactures. The ubiquitous term can mean social responsibility, use of certified materials and non-pollutant technologies, employment fairness and more. But at the heart of it all it’s very simple, to design public furniture that supports the long-term ecological balance.

Sustainable design is the philosophy of designing products – from procuring raw materials, through to manufacture, end use and final disposal that comply with the principals of social, economic and environmental sustainability. As companies aspire to create products that leave the smallest ecological footprint possible, significant advances in sustainably grown Australian hardwood has led to a resurgence in urban timber designs. Timber is not only a renewable and recyclable resource but it is also energy-efficient to produce. Importantly, timber acts as a carbon store, playing a significant part in reducing carbon emissions.

At Draffin, we are committed to making a positive impact on the health of the environment. By utilising eco-friendly native Australian hardwood, we are supporting our local sustainably managed forests. This creates employment, diversity and stability in our local communities, helping to reduce the risk of depletion in the long run.

The timber
Our Australian hardwood is very well known for its overall reliability. Being both hard wearing and low maintenance means it can easily withstand the harsh and ever changing climate. Our standard timber is Class 1 furniture grade, FSC certified hardwood that complies with stringent economic, social and cultural criteria – ensuring that environmental needs are met and protected for generations to come.

Sustainability at Draffin, custom furniture at Monash University, Clayton

Custom seat in Spotted Gum and Stainless, Monash University: Clayton Campus.

The finish
Our protective timber coating of choice is Intergrain Ultradeck. This natural looking oil is dirt and stain resistant, resulting in a finish that protects and enhances the beautiful characteristics of the timber. A long lasting water based oil, Ultradeck emits significantly less VOC’s into the atmosphere than traditional decking oil based timber finishes. It’s safe to use, gentle on the environment and will protect your timber furniture against the elements and abrasive effects of continuous use. All that’s needed is routine 12 monthly maintenance inspections, to keep your timber looking fresh.

Sustainability at Draffin, custom furniture at Queen Vic Market

Custom bench seating and planter boxes in Blackbutt: Queen Victoria Market Project.

Smart Design
At Draffin, we focus on providing high quality, yet functional products that will enhance any outdoor space. Our custom designs utilise materials that have minimal impact on the environment – reducing maintenance, replacement and wastage. Draffin’s friendly design team are always available to discuss using sustainable timber in your projects.

Sustainability at Draffin, custom furniture at Monash Caulfield

Custom Spotted Gum bench seating, Monash University: Caulfield Campus Project.


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