Camberwell Fresh Food Market Upgrade

New tables on existing platform benches
City of Boroondara
December, 22
Camberwell Fresh Food Market

The City of Boroondara continue upgrading Camberwell amenities, and the latest enhances a previously upgraded area outside the Camberwell Fresh Food Market front doors. Back in 2015 the City of Boroondara installed a series of platform benches manufactured by Draffin Street Furniture that also included large polylithic like lettering that spread across the whole front of the market. Fast forward to recent times, and the trees have matured and now provide cool shade for the space. This successful installation proved to be popular with the local community with many using the space to stop and rest or have a quick bite.

To enhance the highly utilised space, the council decided to add architecturally designed tables and more seating for a more comfortable resting and outdoor dining experience.

Back in 2015….

Market Letters - Camberwell

Platform Benches at Camberwell Market

Landscape architects Outlines were responsible for the design of the original custom platform benches and polylithic lettering. Draffin Street Furniture manufactured the furniture pieces for the project. A smart blend of concrete, stainless steel, spotted gum and galvanised steel finishes, complete with life-size iconic lettering. The finished space set it apart from most other market carparks.

The City of Boroondara approached Outlines and Draffin Street Furniture again for this project. 

Camberwell Market EntranceA splash of colour


All new furniture additions were made in galvanised mild steel and powdercoated a bright “mistletoe green” to highlight the new features in the space. Given green is the symbol of prosperity, freshness, and progress, the colour choice was most fitting.

A combination of seats with back, benches, tables and mini desk tables were placed along the uniform platform benches transforming each platform into a unique space.

Spotted Gum Reliability

As was Spotted Gum used in the previous platform bench and letters, so to was it used in the new additions.

The older installation has held up well over the past 8 years. Routine maintenance has allowed the timber to age slowly, and only goes to show that spotted gum is an ideal Australian native timber for use in commercial outdoor furniture. Results will vary depending on where the furniture is installed, but regular maintenance will see the furniture last a lifetime.

Draffin Street Furniture recommends yearly re-oiling of timber furniture to rejuvenate timber surfaces. Intergrain Ultradeck has been observed to perform best and is used at the time of manufacturing to ensure best performance until the first maintenance is carried out after installation.

Laser cut table topAll in the Detail

A closer look at the steel tabletops reveals laser cut dot matrix style lettering repeated in various sizes and directions. The table would otherwise be a plain surface and adding small details like this displays a more considered commercial furniture piece.

This process is added when cutting the steel sheet and before the bend press process. Custom laser cut detail, logos and signage can be applied to any steel sheet derived product.

Outdoor coffee table deskSmall Coffee Table

A smart little coffee table “desk” was added to some of the platforms. An innovative yet simple laser cut sheet of steel formed to make a raised platform for coffee or devices. The same dot matrix design was added to the tops of these tables too.


The new additions to this already popular space do indeed enhance the existing furniture. Making them to specification ensured the new furniture fit the existing furniture, and installation went ahead without issue.

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