Bushland Bin Surround gains popularity

Bin Surround Fully welded weathering steel construction
Yarra Ranges Council
October 2020
Belgrave, Victoria

Yarra Ranges Council has used the Bushland Bin Surround in various projects for many years now. One of their more recent projects saw this distinctive bin surround used throughout Belgrave main street.


Bushland bin surrounds have been moved to be included in the Hobart Suite, and are now called the “Hobart Bin Surround“.

Weathered steel bin surround in Belgrave

Belgrave has an alternative thinking community. The Bushland bin design suits this town well as it mirrors qualities the town aspires to: Environmentally friendly, low maintenance, long life and blends in with the natural bushland of the area. All while being a little different and not so mainstream.

Weathering Steel Bin Surround

This is a standard product available from Draffin Street Furniture but tweaked to Yarra Ranges Council specification that includes:

  1. The shires logo laser cut into the side panels.
  2. A slam lock was also optioned to keep the bin secure while allowing easy access for council servicing.
  3. A special etched aluminium sign to indicate the acceptance co-mingled waste for sorting at the depot.

The council have locked this specification in so the design can be ordered by contractors without fear of the specification being accidentally skewed or altered. A uniform design can then be placed throughout the municipality.

Weathering Steel

The most notable feature of the Bushland Bin Surround is the material they are made from. Weathering steel has a natural finish that suits bushland settings well. Therefore, it makes perfect sense the Bushland Bin Surround was chosen for use throughout the Yarra Ranges.

Weathering steel was developed back in 1933 for use in railroad cars and for the handling of heavy bulk loads as well as proving to be a reliable material for use in shipping containers. It is a very tough material made from iron with the addition of chromium, copper and nickel alloying elements that promote a higher resistance to abrasion and corrosion.

The steel develops a protective rust patina that regenerates continuously under the influence of weather. The outer layer retards the progression of corrosion further into the material.

Weathering steel has a dark oxidised finish while the products are being manufactured. And when left out in the weather will develop the protective rust patina layer.

The above swatch samples are a rough guide as to how the patina develops over time. Many factors including weather and placement can alter the developing patina.

The patina development can be accelerated by using PH acidic solutions, but the initial patina will appear as a light brown colour, and over the years will continue to darken. The finish is very popular with architects and used regularly in buildings and sculptures.

Bushland Bin Surrounds

Weathering Steel



The Bushland bin has become increasingly popular over the last few years. The weathered finish was not widely accepted, but as our customers got to know the advantages of weathering steel and architects and town planners were specifying this material more often the finish is now somewhat considered luxurious.


There are many points to consider when choosing bin surrounds. Some more important that others. The Bushland Bin Surround meets and surpasses the more important points listed below:

Easy to Maintain

One of the biggest advantages to using weathered steel is that it is very easy to maintain. As the material is meant to retain a weathered appearance it looks after itself. Graffiti is also easily dealt with. All that is required is a quick sand back of the offending artwork and the patina will eventually return to its natural state.

Heavy Duty Design

The Bushland Bin Surround has a fully welded structure. A fully welded bin surround construction is the most heavy duty design available. Engineered with 3mm plate steel and when fully welded it makes for a very heavy duty product. Every feature of the design ensures an extended service life.

Economical solution

Despite the extreme heavy duty nature of this bin, this smart innovative design combined with material choice reduces manufacturing processes and labour and therefore places the Bushland Bin Surround as one of the cheapest yet value for money wheelie bin enclosures around. Keep in mind that the Bushland Bin Surround is simple to maintain and therefore has cheaper servicing costs, let alone the extended service life of the bin surround due to its design and construction.

The Bushland Bin Surround has many positives that should make this product a sound choice for many projects, particularly in bushland settings.

Head to the product page to find all the standard options available to the Bushland Bin Surround. Or contact our sales staff if you have specific requirements for your project.


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