Bellevue Shopping Strip – Balwyn North

Concrete and timber public seating
City of Boroondara
October 2022
Balwyn, Victoria

The City of Boroondara lavish their streets with bespoke and high-end street furniture and streetscape enhancements. And the Bellevue Shopping Strip improvement project in Balwyn North along Bulleen Rd was no exception to their attention to detail.

The brief was to create a safe, functional, and pedestrian-friendly environment, and to improve the shopping centre’s appearance and character. The strip’s bus stop was also included in the project, upgrading the space to be compliant with universal access standards. With the intention to support the local economy by encouraging more people to visit the centre for longer periods, community and trader feedback was considered, with the final layout resulting in expanded public and café seating areas and adding greenery and new seating along the full stretch. This created an inviting area for consumers to enjoy the space and spend more time in the area. 

Bellevue Shopping Strip Works

The project consisted of both standard City of Boroondara council specific furniture placed throughout the site, and bespoke hybrid concrete and timber seating for the extended outstand at Dorado Avenue. Draffin Street Furniture worked alongside project architects Outlines Landscape Architects and the City of Boroondara to realise the new furniture designs.

Concrete and timber seat

Hybrid Concrete and Timber Seats

The star of the show, these bespoke seats are comprised of large 100mm x 40mm Spotted Gum battens on stainless steel frames and a formed concrete seat base. SVC Products fabricated the blast finished concrete seat bases to the design specification.

Curved concrete benches are used to join the seats end to end forming a unique curved seat arrangement.

City of Boroondara Stainless Steel Seat

Boroondara Stainless Steel Curved Seat

For tighter walking areas, standard street seating was required. A classic curved seat made to the City of Boroondara’s specifications. A fully welded and galvanised mild steel frame for strength and topped with 316 grade stainless steel slats and armrests.

These reliable street seats can be found in all towns throughout the City of Boroondara.

Boroondara Stainless Steel Bin Surround

Boroondara Stainless Steel Bin Surround

This stainless-steel bin surround, made specifically for the City of Boroondara has the works. Custom curved and tapered stainless steel bodywork is fully welded to a base with self-leveling feet and an internally fixed ground anchor to mount to any surface. The cover has the same level of detail, with fully welded curved panels and a wide frogmouth opening. A recycled waste version is also specified with two recycle openings.

Boroondara Tree Guards

Boroondara Tree Guards

These council spec tree guards have a high level of detail with laser cut motifs, galvanised and powdercoated mild steel guards with a stainless-steel mesh insert, and a bead blasted stainless-steel tree grate with the same laser cut motif design. The bead blasted stainless steel ensures a slip free surface to walk on.

Fragrant Jasmine is planted in the tree guards, and eventually will climb up and out of the tree guard. The climbing plant is protected and assisted to grow to head height and only require a yearly trim to keep under control.

Balwyn North Bus Stop Fence Rail

Bus Stop Guard Rail

The project also called for a guard rail up above the service road along the raised bus stop platform on Bulleen Rd. The socket mounted bolt-down barrier allows for flexibility when mounting, to follow the curved path. The fence was constructed with mild steel and a laser cut leaf motif welded to the front of the panels, finally galvanising each panel for corrosion protection.

Bellevue Shopping Strip is now a well finished and well-presented shopping centre and mini hub for the locals to visit. And the local cafes benefit from the new works, taking advantage of the upgraded spaces for outdoor dining.

Draffin Street Furniture continue to work closely with the City of Boroondara project teams. Reliability, dependability and flexibility are what is expected on all projects. Our Melbourne factory proudly manufactures in-house in order to maintain quick responses and provide assured lead times.

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