Yarra Park Setting

88031/Yarra (Table) and 88030/Yarra (Seat)

A heavy duty hot dip galvanised steel frame, clad with high quality hardwood timber ensures these settings are built to last. Use by many councils, this design is proven to be durable.

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  • Table Length 1800mm
  • Table Width 964mm
  • Table Height 755mm
  • Bench Length 1800mm
  • Bench Width 478mm
  • Bench Height 465mm
  • Frame Options 304 Stainless
    316 Stainless
  • Batten Options 40x30 Aluminium
    40x30 Enviroslat: Chocolate
    40x30mm Enviroslat: Walnut
    40x30mm Timber
  • Mounting Options Bolt Down
    In Ground


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