Four Sided Pedestal Picnic Table


Draffin Street Furniture build streetscape furniture that is built to last, and the pedestal picnic table is no exception. An extremely heavy duty frame structure supports high quality planks of either Aluminium, Timber or Recycled Materials. The limited contact area with the surface is perfect for grassed areas where mowing can be difficult.

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  • Table Height 758mm
  • Table Width 1000mm Square
  • Seat Height 430mm
  • Seat Width 1000mm
  • Plan 1649mm Square
  • Frame Galvanised Steel
  • Batten Options 250x50mm Aluminium
    250x50mm Powder Coated Aluminium
    80x40mm Timber
    88x23mm Modwood: Jarrah
  • Plank End Caps Coloured
    None: Timber
    Standard Grey
  • Mounting Options Bolt Down
    In Ground
  • DDA Options Yes


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