Monash University Modular Bench and Seat

88915 (Bench), 88916 (Seat) and 24444 (Joiner)

These proprietary seats and benches are engineered to an extremely heavy duty standard. With stainless steel frames, the 40mm x 30mm battens have extra support hidden underneath. Can be used as standalone pieces or combined in any combination using a stainless steel curved joiner.

Customer Proprietary Design

Draffin Street  Furniture are proud to be a trusted manufacturer of this bespoke product for Monash University.

This product is manufactured to their exact specification, and we cannot supply this product for other applications unless permitted by Monash University.

If you are working on a project for this organisation (internally or as a supplier) please contact us for a quote.

If you would like assistance specifying and designing a unique product for your organisation, please contact us today.

Draffin are experts at bringing our customers concepts to reality.

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