Knox Table Setting

88617 Table with 88618 benches

The Knox setting is a modern take on the traditional style park table setting.

The 60mm x 40mm battens placed on their edge and the heavy duty frame construction make this setting very robust, yet cost effective.

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  • Table Length 1750mm
  • Table Width 760mm
  • Table Height 760mm
  • Bench Length 1750mm
  • Bench Width 448mm
  • Bench Height 435mm
  • Mounting Options Bolt Down, Inground
  • Batten Profile 60mm x 40mm
  • Batten Options Enviroslat Composite
    Spotted Gum
  • Frame Options Bead Blasted 304 Stainless
    Bead Blasted 316 Stainless
    Brush Finish 304 Stainless
    Brush Finish 316 Stainless
    Powder Coated
  • Seat Base Configuration Both bench edges turned down
    One bench edge turned up
    Seats with Back
  • Mounting Options Bolt Down
    In Ground
  • DDA Options Yes


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