Canada Bay Bin Surrounds


The City of Canada Bay Council appreciates Draffin Street Furnitures custom manufacturing abilities, and over time have specified many iterations of their bin spec. Its design origins are sourced from our partnership with Melbourne City Council.

Featuring a fully welded body, and fixed base mounting system, magnet latches, and an optional built-in dog bag dispenser that ensures that the bags are secure and that they are easily accessed by the public.

This bin surround design represents the pinnacle of quality, durability and design.

Customer Proprietary Design

Draffin Street  Furniture are proud to be a trusted manufacturer of this bespoke product for the City of Canada Bay Council.

This product is manufactured to their exact specification, and we cannot supply this product for other applications unless permitted by the City of Canada Bay Council.

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Draffin are experts at bringing our customers concepts to reality.

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  • 120LT Dimensions Per Bay L 565 x W 565 x H 1070 mm
  • 240LT Dimensions Per Bay L 750 x W 680 x H 1230 mm
  • Body/Door Material 2.5mm Thick
  • Cover Material 1.6mm-3.0mm
  • Levelling 4 x Brass Adjustable Feet


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