Buddy Bench

  • Friendship Seat
  • Buddy Bench with cheeky monkeys
  • buddy bench seat
  • buddy bench seat
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Product number: 88347/AL/BUDDY

The purpose of the Buddy Bench is as a tool to help school kids who are lonely and want to make friends. We all know that the schoolyard can be a tough place, and that kids sometimes forget to think about other kids, and how they are feeling. The Buddy Bench is a place for kids to sit, and send out a visual signal to other kids that they would like friendship, or somebody to play with. This visual signal makes children concious of this, and is usually enough to prompt them to extend a hand.



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  •  BH830 x SH460 x L1770


  • Frames – 8.0mm Mild Steel, Heavy Wall Pipe, Hot Dip Galvanised
  • Planks – 250 x 55 Extruded Aluminium, Anodised
  • Stainless Steel Fasteners


  • Planks Powder Coated Yellow Gold
  • Frames Powder Coated Deep Purple


  • Super Hi-Tac Industrial Vinyl with Prtotective Clear Overlay

Mounting Options

  • Bolt Down
  • Inground

Other Options

  • Armrests, 1,2,3 or more, any location, position adjustable.


The Draffin Buddy Bench is the most durable on the market. Super heavy duty galvanised steel frames, anodised aluminium planks, stainless steel fasteners ensure it is extremely strong and corrosion resistant. The seat is finished with highly durable powder coat in Yellow Gold and Deep Purple (the colours of the Buddy Program). The signage is digitally printed Hi-Tac industrial vinyl. We then go one step further and cover the whole thing with an industrial clear wrap to ensure that the vinyl cannot be picked off.