Waste Separation Streams

Major changes in Australia’s recycling industry has impacted the way we need to dispose of our rubbish moving forward. Recyclable collection methods are continuing to evolve. We are now having to find innovative solutions to separate waste into the appropriate streams. 

Many local communities are so passionate about reducing waste. Households are embracing the transition towards a more sustainable and responsible collection service. Councils are rolling out the introduction of a fourth kerbside bin. So, it is time to align public waste standards with household waste standards. This vital step will further reduce the amount of waste going to landfill and greenhouse gas emissions.

There are lots of good reasons for introducing new waste streams to the public waste system. Waste sent to landfill will reduce significantly. The quality of recyclable materials will increase substantially. Finally, there will be a reduction in vehicle emissions as bins will need to be emptied less frequently.

Reducing Recycling Confusion

It has been proven that utilising multiple waste streams will encourage recycling and reduce contamination. Our range of public waste bins can be customised with a range of waste diversion features. This includes colours, canopies and signage. 

They make recycling out and about easy! By introducing streams, colours and signage that mirror household waste, it will reduce confusion around public waste best practices.

Our bin enclosures are available as multi-bays, like the 800 Series and Internal Bin. Or modular – such as the Infinity and 900 Series. Our stand-alone bins are a flexible option if you need to allocate individual streams for specific locations. For busy areas such as recreation centres, picnic grounds and common areas, multi-stream litter bins are a great solution.

If you want to include streams unique to your waste strategy, such as soft plastics, they can also be incorporated. The more streams, the higher the chance of reaching zero waste!

Draffin bin surrounds come in a range of style options and sizes to help you make the most of your waste collection program. 


Contact us if you would like further information on any of our standard bin enclosures. We also have engineers on hand to answer any questions on your custom designs.