Draffin table tennis table

It’s Game On!

The humble game of table tennis is gaining momentum around Australia. Free-to-use tables are popping up in our communities. And for good reason. Not only does it enliven our public spaces, there are also a range of health benefits to be gained from a lively game of ping pong. Recreational parklands, foreshores, skate parks, schools, universities, commercial precincts and urban and regional centres – location options for ping pong tables are limitless. So if you have any under-utilised areas – why not add a Draffin Outdoor Table Tennis Table?


Durability was key when designing a table tennis table for the Australian outdoors. Fabricated from galvanised steel and heavy duty components, this table is suitable for year round ping pong games.

The Benefits of the Table Tennis Table

  • The table arrives as a flat pack saving on freight costs.
  • Assembling the table takes around an hour.
  • The height and angle of the table is adjustable to ensure the table is level for playing.
  • The ping pong table was developed as a permanent feature, although it can be re-positioned or relocated if required.
  • The table top is powdercoated in a satin finish, to ensure a smooth playing surface for hitting those winning shots.
  • No parts are removable (including the net), so there is no risk of game parts going missing.


Finally, you have the option to customise the colours of your table to suit your project. Choose up to four powder coat colours – for the legs, frame, table top and perforated net to create a table that will add a pop of colour to any outdoor public space.

Draffin’s all year, all weather outdoor table tennis table will bring engagement, vibrancy and friendly competition to any community area.

For more information on Draffin’s Outdoor Table Tennis Table, contact our friendly sales team.