Bushland bins at Lilydale Lake

The Bushland bin surround is the newest addition to the Draffin Street Furniture wheelie bin enclosure range. Made from a high strength weathering steel, the Bushland surround is not only extremely durable but completely maintenance free as well. Weathering steel forms a distinctive rust-coloured oxide layer on the surface of the steel. The aesthetic qualities of weathering steel makes it a popular choice for many architectural projects.  

As the layer develops with time, the reddish brown colour will gradually deepen to a darker hue. But it’s more than just a pretty face. This naturally occurring rust lengthens the lifecycle of your bin surround and also saves time and money associated with maintenance. This makes the Bushland a very affordable ‘set and forget’ bin surround, ideal for those areas like national parks, zoos and country towns.


Weathering steel bin