Steel bin

The Draffin Bushland Bin Surround 

The Bushland bin surround is the newest addition to the Draffin Street Furniture wheelie bin enclosure range. Made from a high strength Corten weathering steel, the Bushland surround is not only extremely durable but completely maintenance free as well. Highly favoured by architects for its aesthetic qualities, weathering steel is widely recognised for its distinctive protective oxide layer that forms on the steel surface. As the layer develops with time, the reddish brown colour will gradually deepen to a darker hue. But it’s more than just a pretty face. This naturally occurring rust will not only lengthen the lifecycle of your bin surround but also save time and money associated with painting and maintenance, making it a very affordable ‘set and forget’ surround, ideal for those areas like national parks, zoos and country towns.

park bin

Our Bushland Bin Surround blends easily with the surrounding natural environment.


Steel bin surround

Customising your bin enclosure is simple, the large panels provide the perfect blank canvas for laser cut branding.


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