1500 Series vinyl wrapped bins

Outdoor rubbish and recycling bins are a necessary part of keeping our public areas clean and reflect a community’s dedication to responsible environmental waste management. Keeping our public areas clean for everyone to enjoy is no easy feat. Rubbish bins may not be the most attractive items in your public spaces but they don’t have to be an eye sore. Why not give waste management some visual punch with customised wheelie bin surrounds from Draffin?

Litter bins are predominately placed in high traffic areas visible to riders, pedestrians and vehicle traffic. This creates opportunities for interaction with individuals at face-to-face level. Take advantage of their positions by incorporating bin surrounds into your media mix. Transform your bin enclosures into stylish urban architectural pieces that enhance their locations and give the look and feel of what makes your community so unique.


Elevate your waste management program and meet both your functional and aesthetic requirements with customisable bin surrounds made from sustainable materials like stainless steel, eco-friendly Australian timber and wood composite.


Choose your surround size, openings and side panels from our popular standard range. Incorporate your own custom signage, laser cut patterns or digital vinyl wrap designs.


Digital Vinyl Wrapping

High resolution vinyl wrap can transform your bin surrounds. The flexibility and durability of vinyl wrap means any high level imagery and design elements can be printed with ease. This industrial grade vinyl can be wrapped around any flat surface with extremely impressive results. The addition of a UV protective laminate layer keeps the imagery looking sharp for a very long time.

Laser cut designs

Laser cut designs soften the utilitarian exterior of bin surrounds. Intricate laser cut designs can be recreated with precision. They are also a great graffiti detractor and keep the bins well ventilated.

Customised signage

Bin surrounds present an opportunity to integrate community identity into your parks, streetscapes and other public areas. Give your bin surrounds a contemporary feel by incorporating community colours, fonts and logos into your designs. Laser cut text, etched stainless steel, coloured backing plates and steel motifs tie together branding and create visual consistency.


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