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In Australia, an increasing number of international holidaymakers are heading out into the great outdoors. As the interest in adventurous holiday experiences grows, more visitors are cruising coastlines and touring through forests and farmlands. One outcome of this lifestyle shift is the rise of cycling tourism.

Riding to work, school or uni is a great way to incorporate regular exercise into a busy day. It’s a pollution free mode of transport that reduces emissions and congestion on our roads. It also reduces the need for motor vehicle infrastructure, such as car parking. Cycling tourism adds even more benefits to local communities. Well-connected trail networks encourage commuters to get out and enjoy the environment and local culture. Furthermore, bike tracks and trails promote the protection of the local environment. They not only encourage community ownership but highlight and preserve local values.


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Many councils are implementing initiatives to improve bike tracks and recognise the need for top notch amenities. As a result, these factors encourage cyclists to visit and use the extensive networks of paths. Bike trails create the opportunity for cyclists to spend all day riding between towns. Riders can enjoy a variety of scenery, explore local attractions and sample local produce along the way. Improving the facilities along the trails will assist cyclists and encourage more people to get out and take a spin around bike friendly towns and cities.

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Bike racks

Designated bike parking areas are a great way to facilitate cycling tourism. A lack of bike racks can often mean people choose trees, sign posts or parking meters to secure their bikes.  Instead, the addition of bike racks ensures that the bikes are safely secured in a public location along cycle paths.

We offer standard bike hoops or are happy to work with you to create custom bike rails.


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Drinking Fountains

Drinking fountains are essential for keeping people and their pets hydrated and healthy, especially during the warmer months. Easily accessible drinking fountains also help combat the overuse of single use plastic water bottles in society.

Draffin’s Bent Leaf and Kiama drinking fountains are available with optional bottle refill taps and dog water bowls.


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Rest stops give riders a chance to take a break and enjoy their surroundings away from busy roads. Plenty of accessible seating areas encourage cyclists to stay longer, refresh and explore the region.

Head to our website to check out the range of picnic settingsbenches and seats in hardwood or composite timber, aluminium, mild or stainless steel.

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Rubbish and Recycling Bins

Keeping public areas clean and tidy is a priority for many communities. Bin surrounds reduce littering and stop bird and animals scavenging through rubbish. The right signage helps users to identify and separate recyclables from garbage.

Our extensive range of wheelie bin enclosures and security posts come in a range of materials, sizes and colours to suit any area and budget.




At Draffin, we manufacture a large range of standard street and park furniture. We also have engineers on hand to work with you on your latest project and turn your design ideas into reality. Contact us if you would like further information on any of our products and services.