Unique furniture for the Queen Vic Market

Custom Queen Vic bench seats
City of Melbourne
September 2016

Draffin Street Furniture recently completed a project, partnering with the City of Melbourne, and the Queen Victoria Market. As a test case for the re-development of the market, The City of Melbourne design team developed a concept for a range of furniture.

The City of Melbourne design team developed a concept for a range of furniture with the following attributes.

  • Fit the agricultural aesthetic of the markets heritage
  • Have the ability to be free standing, and be re-positioned to allow for the current needs of the space
  • Be extremely durable and maintenance free

The suite consists of a bench, seat and planter box. The planter box was required to be able to house a tree, and also facilitate the watering and drainage. The Council developed a clever design to facilitate this, and awarded Draffin Street Furniture the contract to detail the design, manufacture and install.

In terms of street furniture, these designs are extremely large and heavy, with the planter alone weighing close to 1 ton without any soil or plant. This presented a challenging build, but the goods were delivered on time and to a very pleased customer.

Drafting Plans

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