Mentone Station Upgrade

Mentone Station Seating
Level Crossing Removal Project
Nov 2020
Mentone Station
State Government

With Victoria’s Level Crossing Removal Project steadily moving forward, with well over half the proposed 75 crossings already removed. Some of these projects are simply rails that need to be either set in trenches under roads or suspended on bridges over roads. But some of the larger projects include railway station upgrades. These projects stand out and have the potential to transform towns into more liveable places. Mentone station is no exception… 

Mentone Station SeatsThe new station location integrates with a newly constructed piazza, part of the Mentone Renaissance project. An elaborate strategy by the City of Kingston to rejuvenate Mentone while celebrating its historical significance. Great effort has been made in the development of the combined projects, and the overall finished product has transformed the town centre.Mentone Station Upgrade


Southern Program Alliance were carrying out the works for Mentone Station and were requesting several furniture items which were needed for this project. Huge efforts were made to retain the heritage listed station buildings and established trees. A number of features from the old station were to be removed and reinstated in the new grounds with the new furniture to work alongside these features. Our engineers got to work using the drawings provided to design workable pieces ready for manufacturing. 

To manage the immense amount of work required and to minimise disruption to the general public and infrastructure, these projects work around the clock. Their deadlines are imperative, and Draffin Street Furniture were up to the challenge, to work within the timeframe.

Once the designs were approved, Draffin Street Furniture committed the plans to their production team who worked diligently to meet the design criteria and timeframe deadlines for delivery. The outcome was a great success, with the furniture meeting all expectations and beyond.

The Furniture

Mentone Station Planters

Large railroad inspired planters are placed down the “heritage bridge” walkway leading to the town centre. These planters pay homage to the ballast rail carts that would trundle through the station long ago. These 1.8m square planters are built heavy duty, with 10mm mild steel checker plate and feature “hot rivet” style fasteners that were used in the ballast cart era. 

Mentone Station Planter Bench

The same planter design is incorporated into this planter bench model. Varied width heavy duty 75mm battens were used on the bench top. The bench will seat many, or allows the user to stretch out and recline using the inbuilt backrest. These planters alone outline the level of attention to detail the project has received, each and every product is as bespoke as the next.

Mentone Station SeatingModular Seats

The main entrance to the station has received particular attention to detail, and the modular seating is incorporated tightly into the landscape. Every angle, dimension and measurement has been carefully considered to create custom seating that fits perfectly into the setting.

35mm LDPE recycled plastic battens in four different colours are used across all these seats. The colours draw attention to the area and certainly enhance the architectural features and definitely don’t blend into the background. The same LDPE material is used in the kick panels underneath.

Stainless steel seat edges will protect the LDPE and give the seats a defined clean look. And the armrests are also made from stainless steel, while the internal frame is constructed of galvanised mild steel. All materials were chosen for their strength and longevity allowing this area to look great for years to come.

Mentone Station Seating

Mentone Station BenchesBenches

A simple yet heavy duty design, this bench features 75mm x 75mm timber battens and matching 75mm x 75mm mild steel frames. Galvanised and powder coated, the strength of the frame allows for a cantilevered bench top.

Mentone Station Benches

Bin Surrounds

The project also included customised 800 series bin surrounds. Flat and pyramid mirror polished covers are featured, with a standard “CS” perforation pattern optioned on powder coated panels.

Mentone Station Bin Surrounds

These are a standard model bin surround. But with a few options selected, the bin is easily transformed into a unique design.

Mentone Station Bin Surrounds

Mentone Station Seats

The Level Crossing Removal Project is steaming ahead. Mentone Station is but one of many stations that will undergo heavy modification like this. The upgrades are proving that while train stations are a necessity in the community, they can be transformed into an even greater asset for the town.


This project included many products and designs to form a suite of unique furniture for the entire area. Talk to us about your project and see all that is possible. Our talented engineers can work with your concept designs, or alongside your architects and even design custom furniture from the ground up. Contact us to get started today.

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