Custom Furniture Case Study – City of Perth

City of Perth prototype
City of Perth
March 2016
Perth CBD

Draffin recently fabricated a suite of custom seating prototypes for the City of Perth’s parks and streetscapes. 

1. Interpret the Design

The first step is of course the most important. An initial meeting is essential to discuss the requirements of the project. The concept should be probed and tested at this stage, before the first tool is touched. Only when the intent of the design is understood can the designer and the manufacturer work as a team to achieve a great result.

2. Digital Prototype and Shop Drawings

3D Cad Software is used to take the design and flesh out the detail. More often than not, many problems are identified and rectified without any cost. When our designer is happy with the model, a meeting will be organised with the client to present the digital prototype and discuss any concerns or changes. If required, revisions are made until the client is satisfied. At this point 2D shop drawings are produced by our designer and issued to the factory for prototyping.

3. Prototyping

The factory will produce a prototype of the design, using the exact materials and finishes that the final product calls for. This ensures that the design is able to be made, and that there is no error in the drafting before any production quantities are produced.

4. Real World Testing

We always recommend that if time is available, nothing beats some testing in the real world to prove a design. Below is City of Perth’s new range being tested outside council

Drafting Plans

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