Custom Street Furniture Case Study: Bright, Victoria

Light box bench seat
Alpine Shire Council
June 2017
MDG Landscape Architects
Bright, Victoria

Draffin Street Furniture was a key contributor in phase 1 of Alpine Shire Councils ’Alpine Better Places’ project. The aim of the project was simple: to improve and beautify Mafeking Square.

Light box seat with back

Historically; Mafeking square has always been a ceremonial and reflective space. The Alpine Shire Council (ASC) have honoured the vision expressed by the Shire President in 1917, ‘to eventually make the square a picture and ornament to the town and at the same time pay a tribute of respect to the departed heroes’ – with some 21st century touches.

Bright vision: key points

  • Maintain the scale, layering and intimacy of the Alpine Village character.
  • Improve pedestrian circulation around Mafeking Square and maintain it as the ceremonially significant heart of Bright.
  • Recognise Bright as a termination point of the Rail Trail, with provision of improved cycling facilities and connections throughout the city.
  • Enhance the existing unique identity of Bright, with highlight ‘gateway elements’ and a high quality, consistent palette or urban materials.

With over 60 years of operational experience, Draffin Street Furniture has developed and streamlined a set of processes for custom projects that ensures a successful outcome every time. As specialists in custom design, we strongly believe best results are achieved by working side by side with our customers – the Bright project was no exception.

1. Interpret the design

MDG Landscape Architects provided the concept designs and we conducted a full design review to better understand design intent. Technical suggestions were made on how to improve strength, durability and decrease the cost – without compromising visual or functional goals. For example; the original concept called for treated pine framing. Draffin advised that this would not be as durable as a fin and rail framing system, which would increase the strength of the bench and ensure accuracy.

2. Digital Prototype and Shop Drawings

Our designers produced a working model of the custom concept drawings by utilising 3D CAD software.  Feedback from the ASC was incorporated into the final 2D shop designs and issued for sign off – resulting in a design that exceeded the ASC’s vision.

3. Production

Production commenced at Draffin Street Furniture’s comprehensive Bayswater manufacturing facility. Every process and custom component was completed in-house by our highly skilled tradesman, ensuring the highest quality standards were met.

4. Delivery

Draffin Street Furniture understands that every custom project we complete is part of a bigger picture, so we work closely with our customers to coordinate time-frames and logistics of the overall project. Our dispatch team liaise with our customers, or third parties as directed, to ensure a safe and timely delivery to site.


If you would like to discuss custom concepts in any of your urban designs, our friendly design team are always happy to assist in developing your concept briefs and manufacturing them into reality.


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