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  Cities around the world are utilising ‘smart city’ services, taking big data to a whole new level. Street devices such as lights, bollards – even rubbish bins continuously collect large volumes of data. This data offers valuable insights into how people interact with their cities on a daily basis. We know fill-level
Smart Waste Management at Draffin The latest census data shows that Australian cites are expanding at a rapid rate. People flock to our metropolitan areas for employment opportunities and lifestyle changes. As this migration continues, urban planners need to develop new and efficient ways to keep up with the surging population. For inner city dwellers, there is a real desire to live and work in cleaner, more beautiful cities. To improve quality of life, larger munici
  Outdoor rubbish and recycling bins are a necessary part of keeping our public areas clean and reflect a community’s dedication to responsible environmental waste management. Keeping our public areas clean for everyone to enjoy is no easy feat. Rubbish bins may not be the most attractive items in your public spaces but they don’t have to be an eye sore. Why not give waste manag