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Draffin was contracted by the City of Boroondara to fabricate custom bench seats for a walkway upgrade in Camberwell, Victoria. Designed by City of Boroondara’s landscape architects, these vibrant benches brighten up the space and complement the existing trees.     The refurbishment was part of a larger Boroondara project – revitalising alleys, arcades and
Smart Waste Management at Draffin The latest census data shows that Australian cites are expanding at a rapid rate. People flock to our metropolitan areas for employment opportunities and lifestyle changes. As this migration continues, urban planners need to develop new and efficient ways to keep up with the surging population. For inner city dwellers, there is a real desire to live and work in cleaner, more beautiful cities. To improve quality of life, larger munici
Defining sustainability can be challenging for street furniture designers and manufactures. The ubiquitous term can mean social responsibility, use of certified materials and non-pollutant technologies, employment fairness and more. But at the heart of it all it’s very simple, to design public furniture that supports the long-term ecological balance. Sustainable design is the philosophy of designing products &