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  Colour is a great way to transform a drab space into a fun outdoor play area. Whether you want to create a learning space, segregated areas, or enhance school spirit – this can be easily achieved with the addition of coloured outdoor furniture.   However, when it comes to picking colours for your outdoor furniture there is more to consider than just the  . . . colour. Read on as we share our tips on how to pick colours that are right for your s
Draffin was contracted by the City of Boroondara to fabricate custom bench seats for a walkway upgrade in Camberwell, Victoria. Designed by City of Boroondara’s landscape architects, these vibrant benches brighten up the space and complement the existing trees.     The refurbishment was part of a larger Boroondara project – revitalising alleys, arcades and
Council: Alpine Shire Council: ‘Alpine Better Places’ Project – Porepunkah Products – Picnic Settings, Bench Seats, Seats, Bike Racks. Designer – Alpine Shire Landscape Architectural Team Reclaiming Riverside Park with Custom Concept Designs Phase two of the Alpine Shire Council’s ‘Alpine Better Places’ project was to revamp the town centre of P
  Outdoor rubbish and recycling bins are a necessary part of keeping our public areas clean and reflect a community’s dedication to responsible environmental waste management. Keeping our public areas clean for everyone to enjoy is no easy feat. Rubbish bins may not be the most attractive items in your public spaces but they don’t have to be an eye sore. Why not give waste manag
Lighting up Bright’s Mafeking Square using Custom Design Council: Alpine Shire Council Furniture Suite Products: Light Box Bench, Bike Rack, Picnic Furniture Designer: Alpine Shire Landscape Architectural Team Draffin Street Furniture was a key contributor in phase 1 of Alpine Shire Councils ’Alpine Better Places’ project. The aim of the project was simp