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1200 Series with Canopy Cover

1200 Series with Pressed Cover

1200 Series with Pyramid Cover

1200 Series with Sloped Cover

1500 Series Bin Surrounds

1500 Series Recycling Surrounds

1500 Series Slatted Surrounds

36lt Tapered Steel Bin Frame

36LT Tapered Timber Slatted Bin Frame

800 Series with Canopy Cover

800 Series with Curved Cover

800 Series with Flat Cover

800 Series with Pyramid Cover

800 Series with Sloped Cover

900 Series Pyramid/Flat -Timber Clad Bin Surrounds

900 Series Sloped -Timber Clad Bin Surrounds

A Free Draffin Caliper

Aluminium Bench Seat

Aluminium Cast Top Bollard

Aluminium Seat With Back

Avalon Platform Bench

Barwon Heavy Duty Steel Slatted Picnic Setting

Boroondara Bin Surround Range

Boroondara Council Seat

Brisbane Bench Seat

Brisbane Bollard

Brisbane Butt Bin

Brisbane Dbl Width Bench Seat

Brisbane Seat With Back

Brisbane Table Setting

Buddy Bench

Bushland Bin Surround

Camberwell Seat

Circular Stainless Steel Bike Stand

City of Melbourne Bent Leaf Drinking Fountain

City of Melbourne Park Drinking Fountain

Cross Slatted Steel Bench

Curved Park Bench

Curved Park Seat

Curved Park Seat Aluminium

Curved Stainless Steel Bike Hoop

Dandenong Heavy Duty Picnic Table

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