Hawthorn Bin

  • steel street bins
  • steel street bin
  • stainless steel street bin
  • steel posts
  • galvanised bin

Product number: 380

Heavy duty, attractive but affordable. The Hawthorn bin is designed to be used either indoor or outdoor, and uses our standard range of mounting posts and liners.

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  • OD480mm x H600mm


  • Lid – 1.2mm Zinc Plated Steel
  • Body – 1.6mm and 5.0mm Zinc Plated Steel
  • Optional 316 Stainless Steel Cover
  • Optional Full 316 Steel Construction

Finish Options

  • Powdercoat to Dulux Colour
  • Polish Stainless Steel

Mounting Options (posts extra)

  • Bolt Down (Use Part No: 306)
  • Inground (Use Part No: 304)

Liner (available separately)

  • 55lt Tapered Liner (Use Part No: 200)

Lock Options

  • Slamlock

Other Options

  • Custom Patterns
  • Custom Stickers
  • Sign Panels