1500 Series Bin Surrounds


Utilising a tig welded and polished stainless steel tube frame makes the Bass range of wheelie bin surrounds strong, durable, and attractive. Choose from a range of covers and panel options to specify a solution to fit your specific needs.


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Flat Cover
Curved Canopy

  • 120LT Dimensions L 600 x W 600 x H 1240 mm
  • 240LT Dimensions L 800 x W 735 x H 1340 mm
  • Frame Material 50x50x1.6mm Tube
  • Cover Material 2.0mm Thick
  • Canopy Material 3.0mm Thick
  • Panel Material 2.0mm Thick
  • Mounting Bolt Down
  • Cover Style Flat
    Flat & Canopy
  • Cover Material 304 Stainless
    316 Stainless
    Powder Coated
  • Bin Size 120 LT
    240 LT
  • Frame Options Brush Finish 304 Stainless
    Brush Finish 316 Stainless
    Powder Coated
  • Panel Material 304 Stainless
    316 Stainless
    Powder Coated
    Weathering Steel
  • Lock System Both
    Magnet Latch
    Slam Lock


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